Stam Hobo or Quilted Urusla??!

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Stam Hobo or Ursula Bowler?

  1. Stam Hobo

  2. Ursula Bowler

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  1. What does everyone think?

    I really like both the Stam Hobo in black and the Quilted Ursula Bowler in Black (not patent).

    Pros/ cons?

    Thanks again everyone!!!
  2. The Stam Hobo.
  3. Ursula is the name of MJ's patent leather line. A non-patent bowler would be Quilted Bowler. =) Both Stam Hobo and Quilted Bowler are not being made at least for this and next season (Resort 2006 & Spring 2007).

    It depends on the shape you are looking for. You can wear Stam Hobo on your shoulder, but Bowler is meant to be a hand-held bag.
  4. bag. lover, thanks for the clarification. What exacly dooes that mean? that it's not being made for the next two seasons? I have seen them in stores still. Do you think that neither will be made again?
  5. You can get them if they are in stores, however she means that they aren't making any new ones for the next 2 seasons.
  6. ^ Yup. The ones in stores are from Fall 06 (season#2 of 06).
    I don't see both of these styles in MJ Resort 06 (season#3 of 06) and Spring 07 (season #1 of 07) Look Book (shows the styles being carried by stores) at MJ's LA store.

    Stam and Little Stam are the only 2 styles from the Stam-family that are being continued. Stam Hobo and E/W Stam are done for now, we don't know when/if they will come back in the future.
  7. In the look book in Nordies, I saw that Topaz color and I really want a stam in that color...they haven't come in yet though. :sad:
  8. Saks got Topaz Little Stam. It's teal, I would say it's green with some blue undertone. It looks more blue in the lookbook than the actual color. Do you like teal? =)
  9. ok. i got it. thanks again!
  10. You are welcome. What colors do you have in mind?
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure. I'd have to look at it. I was hoping for more blue though.
  12. Me too, I thought of getting another Elise in Topaz after seeing it in Look Books. I changed my mind after seeing this color in real life. There's Blue (described as cobalt) for Spring 07 though. =)
  13. I can't say I really like either.. If your talking about the the small quilted bowler, then I'd say the bowler... but if you're talking large bowler, then neither... just my own personal taste. You really have to decide on which fits your lifestyle better, and how much you plan on carrying. Stam Hobo is a big roomy bag which is great for some people.
  14. I voted quilted bowler. Not a big fan of the look of the stam hobo...
  15. If you are tall, both styles should be good. Tall members here said that Small Bowler is too small for them.

    My picks:
    For this particular Quilted Bowler, I only like Patent.
    I don't like the Stam spinoffs (such as E/W Stam, Stam Hobo, E/W, E/W Frame), I think the original Stam is the best; frame bag and quilting are classics. Stam (the most popular) has the most resale value, it doesn't matter if you really like the other bags. =)