Stam Hobo Mouse Leather question

  1. Hi, for those who own the Mouse Stam Hobo, do you think the leather has a distress feel?

    When looking at the pics I thought the leather is glossy, but when I received my bag today is not...I never personally see the stam hobo in store so i cant judge....

    Also, regarding the MJ price tag: the price tag for the Large Bowler is glossy on the barcode side and rough on the Marc Jacobs side.
    But for the Stam Hobo, both side is rough.
    can anyone please confirm these, thanks very much!
  2. hk318 - I just checked my price tag and it is rough on both sides. I don't have the bowler yet so I don't know about that one.

    I have the Stam Hobo in Mouse and I would say it is a distressed leather. I think mine has a tiny bit of a sheen to it but it's not glossy like the bowler is.

    Where did you get your Stam from? I got mine from NM.
  3. I just received my Stam Hobo in Mouse today too. The leather is soft and distressed. The price tag is rough on both sides.

    On the back side of the bag (with no zipper), is your bag inverted halfway down the middle (opposite the inside of the bag's tag) like a butt crack? I don't have a camera to take a pic, but when it came (from Bloomie's), it wasn't packed with tissue so I'm wondering if it's just that way, or if I should exchange it...

    I never saw it before in person, either.
  4. I got mine from Bloomingdales...the reason for my conerns is the box it came with has been opened before and seems from someone's returns....
    and the more I look at the bottom item from i-offer, the more it bugs me....

    so annoying to see these fake bags claims to be no difference from the sick...
  5. Bonnie - I just looked at mine and I don't have that crack in the middle. Do you think you're getting a bad return?
  6. For some reason, I can't open the ioffer link.

    Returns are always a worry. If I order online, I really check them out when I get them. If they're not perfect, back they go. So far, I've been lucky.
  7. bonnie, mine is not invert at the back, but outvert instead....
    also, the made in italy gold tag when i compare to the Bowler, its not as shiny, the gold tag inside my bowler is very shiny (like a mirror)...
  8. I know it's definitely a return. The box had some of the tissue that wasn't supposed to be in the bag (but was in the box). The bag was half-flat when it arrived in the box. Gosh, I wish I had a camera.

    It's a crease right down the back side in the middle. (I wonder if someone returned a fake???). I looked online and couldn't find any pictures on the back side except for the fakes (which showed it to be flat).

    If you don't have it on yours, then I must have a bad one.
  9. bonnie and debbie, are yours gold tag mirror like or little bury?
  10. My gold tag is very shiny, not exactly "mirror-like" crystal clear, but definitely can see my reflection in it. Not too blurry (I'm assuming that's what you meant).

    I just called Bloomies and am getting my Stam Hobo replaced...
  11. thanks for the last question:
    inside the zip pocket, there is a black tag (fabric sew with white words) says F06 610, same for yours?
  12. Yes it has a black tag with white writing with the same.

    So does your outpouching of the back side make it look like a smooth surface but more rounded/bubbled out? I can't picture how it's supposed to look like.
  13. Okay I just checked out Net-A-Porter and my bag does NOT look like that. I feel better about returning this now.
  14. thanks bonnie, i will go check out Net-A-Porter, their site is currently down...hope your exchange comes in ok...i guess i am keeping mine....
  15. Good grief! Is nothing sacred? People are such scumbags anymore! To buy a real/replace with a fake, send back the fake and the retailer unknowingly ships it out to another customer? Grr!!

    Mine was absolutely fresh in the box, untouched. All the metal fittings were still wrapped in cellophane or that foamy paper stuff. The tissue was exactly as it comes from the factory. So I have no worries about mine, but it came from Saks.

    You should think about sending a politely worded letter to the company explaining what happened and make them aware of what we all here at tPF know what's starting to happen. They need to inspect their returns thoroughly before sending them back out to another customer and tag designer bags so they also know they aren't being dealt the bait/switch like it appears you were. They will really appreciate hearing this because this way they can protect themselves and their customers from possible lawsuits and negative word-of-mouth that would run off new customers.

    Just don't mention tPF in your letter, doh!:Push: