Stam Hobo Colors/Seasons

  1. I really like the Stam Hobo, but I would like a color other than black (although, it's probably the color that would get the most use). I am trying to figure out in how many different colors was/is the hobo produced? Also, is this a current style or has it been discontinued? Has the bag been on sale often?

    I never really thought about the Stam Hobo, but my mom recently purchased one at Saks and I think I like it. I have Stam bags, but I think the hobo might be a good choice for a more casual look.

    Thanks for any info. I keep trying to get onto the MJ website, but it takes forever to load and I really hate the layout there.
  2. i think you can find very useful information by using the "search". :yes: i think Stam hobo looks good in colour - Mouse.
  3. I remember that it comes in Mouse, Black, Cashew, and Chestnut.
  4. ^^ yes, those were the same colors that i've seen it in... at the end of last year had the cashew and chestnut on sale. both a MJ and NM SA told me that they were not going to making that style anymore... they have the BLACK and CHESTNUT on and the MOUSE on and

    I actually bought the STAM HOBO last year and liked it more than the STAM but returned it b/c i'm too short for the HOBO... it's a lovely bag, perfect for a more causal look.
  5. I just got a Stam Hobo in Mouse and the color IRL is beautiful!!! It is a terrific neutral with an unexpected twist as it is not your standard brown/chestnut that you usually see in other bags.
  6. I agree, I think the mouse color is amazing. I would love to own in a bag in this color or putty.

    saera is correct, if you're interested in the stam hobo you better act quick because it's a discontinued style.
  7. I'm thinking about the Chestnut or Cashew. I haven't seen the Cashew, but I may call around and see if I can find one. I can't really afford it right now, but I'd like to see it IRL. My mom just bought one in Mouse for $500. I found it for her and told her she had to buy it. I had already bought 3 bags, so I had to pass. If I want to borrow hers, I can so, I don't want to get the same color, but a Cashew would be really pretty.
  8. The only thing about the stam hobo is how big it really is. I love big bags and i saw pics on TPF but once it was on my shoulder, that is when it hit me. That doesn't take away my love for it though. :smile:
  9. I love big bags. My biggest problem with the MJ bags are that most are too small for me. I wish there were more bags on the larger size that were not just rectangular totes. I would love to see a Sophia or Multipocket in a bigger size and if MJ would bring back the Stella, I would be so happy. I still cannot figure out why Stella is not a style that is made every year.

  10. ^^^ ITA:yes:. I have the stam hobo and I love it because it's huge. Which I could find more colors. I find that the hobo is alot more funtional for me than the regular stam.