Stam Hobo available on Eluxury (Black & Mouse)

  1. Hey Everyone, Eluxury has the new Stam Hobo, which kind of loooks cool. It actually was one of the styles I was debating getting over the stam, but after seeing it on eluxury, while I like it, it looks like an everyday hobo still. What are your thoughts?

    Here are some pics

  2. Gah--I hated that bag until I saw that second pic! :nuts:
  3. Oh man, me likey! This is no good!
  4. Ooooo I like this one!! :heart: :love:
  5. Yeah, a different take on the Stam! I normally like hobos and still like this one, but have 2 Be&D crawford totes, so at least the stam is something different than this.