Stam Hobo anyone? Looking for pics...

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  1. I'm considering buying one, but I can't recall ever seeing one on here. Does anyone own this bag? Would love pics!
  2. Here is a pic of my cashew.

  3. ^^^ llson I love your cashew hobo:love::love::love:!!!! The stam hobo is my fav MJ bag.
    I attached a pic of my black hobo(it's on the right).
  4. Wow, great bag, great collection!!

  5. :ty::smile:!!!! I'm always looking for more, never satisfied. I guess I'm a true hanbag addict:lol:....
  6. i have the same bag as llson, it was my first mj...never one to take gradual steps...i decided it was going to be my "entry" bag into mj
  7. these pics looks great! can someone with this bag send pics of the inside of the bag? specifically near the top where the opening is, are there snaps on the sides? i am trying to authenticate this bag on eBay:
    Thanks a bunch!