Stam Hobo anyone? Looking for pics...

  1. I'm considering buying one, but I can't recall ever seeing one on here. Does anyone own this bag? Would love pics!
  2. Here is a pic of my cashew.

  3. ^^^ llson I love your cashew hobo:love::love::love:!!!! The stam hobo is my fav MJ bag.
    I attached a pic of my black hobo(it's on the right).
  4. Wow, great bag, great collection!!

  5. :ty::smile:!!!! I'm always looking for more, never satisfied. I guess I'm a true hanbag addict:lol:....
  6. i have the same bag as llson, it was my first mj...never one to take gradual steps...i decided it was going to be my "entry" bag into mj