Stam help!

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  1. i'm a bit confusing with the fabric inside the bag and the hardware. sometimes the hardware comes in brass, and sometimes gold, and the fabric sometimes comes in suede and sometimes linen. does anyone know when does it come in brass hardware, and when does it come in gold? and when does it use suede and when linen?
  2. There is a great thread that tells you about the different seasons of stams. I'll try to find it for you.

    In general, anything after Sp 06 is canvas and anything before is suede.
  3. Brass hardware was only made for F/W 2005, gold hardware was used afterwards.

    In S/S 2006, canvas lining was used for patent leather Stams and suede lining was used for non-patent leather Stams. As E mentioned, all Stams made after S/S 2006 are lined with canvas.