Stam help


Apr 10, 2008
I've totally fallen in love with the stam, and must have one :yahoo:

My question is though, how many sizes are there, and what are their names? I'm talking about the '06 stams. I've tried searching the web, but without luck :Push:

Pictures would be very helpful :flowers:

( I'm currently looking into a Hobo on Ebay, I assume that's the biggest version ).

Coach Superfan

is playing catch up
I think the oldest thread we have in the Reference Library is the Resort 2006

According to the bags released then (which dont include Spring or Fall 06) there were two sizes that season: Regular Stam and the Little Stam

There is another size of the stam called The Kid. It's close in size to Little Stam but has leather handles like the regular sized stam.

Personally, I don't know how the Hobo stam relates in size to the regular full sized stam but I'm sure someone familiar with all of these will chime in :yes:

If you start delving into later seasons, you'll discover the Elastic Quilted veresions too. Have fun!