Stam Handles Problem? When Using Chain Strap

  1. I finally started truly considering a Stam at Neiman Marcus.... OMG I want one. That's THE bag I want right now. Why did I put it off and get the less expensive one, huh?

    ANYWAY... I had ONE issue with it. When using the chain strap on my shoulder the handles wouldn't go down right, like the leather wouldn't swivel on the brass. Is this going to cause an aesthetic issue? Will the handles ease up and move down?

    Thanks so much.
  2. The handles on my stam do swivel all the way down, sometimes I need to push them down a little bit but they do go all the way down.

    I'd say maybe it just needs a little time and wear before they go down properly???

    I have an 05 stam though so mine may be different to the newer ones....anyone else???
  3. Maybe a little bit but honestly, I dont really have a major problem with the chain. Some people say it could get stuck on their hair and that hurts! But never happens to me and I have long hair. Overall, I love my stam :love::love:. Any color you're interested in?
  4. Either mouse, Topaz or the new darker blue.
  5. Despite my resistance, the Stam has totally grown on me. Thanks for posing this question - good to know. :smile:
  6. Hm...I honestly LOVE Topaz. Cobalt is beautiful too, since I love blue so much. That would be a hard decision!:nuts: I wish I could have both! :roflmfao: *wishful thinking*