Stam Handbag

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  1. What store has a great selection of stam handbags? Are the stam bags with the suede lining still in circulation? Do you think the cola colored ice leather stam a neutral color?
  2. Linen interiors are the only things laying around the dept stores as far as I know. Maybe you can call MJ store and see if they have any older versions? I've never seen a cola stam. So I don't know, but if they did make a cola stam (which I don't know if they did), I highly doubt there is one laying around. It would be very popular.

    The stams don't stay around too long so it will be difficult to find older version stams anywhere other than ebay (when they pop up).
  3. Cola, Chalk, and Blush are the 3 colors made for Stam in Patent Leather. Let me find the picture of Cola Stam for you, it's very beautiful!!!! And yes, it will go with everything. =)

    Agree with E, older colors are always harder to find once they are sold out. Black is the only color that gets repeated season after season.
  4. I call it cola but the correct name might be taupe.