Stam Gold Hardware & Rust???

  1. I took my son for a haircut this morning and while I was sitting in the car, I happened to glance over at my Topaz Stam. The sun's really bright today and it hit the backside just perfect enough for me to see a small brownish-yellowish mark on the rim of the bag right at the base of the kisslock. Upon closer inspection, I noticed what looks like rust at the base of one of the kisslocks on the backside!!! It looks like some of it ran down onto the leather trim on the bag (which is the mark I first noticed). Now, I just starting using this bag this week and purposely waited until all the snowstorms/blizzards had passed. I may have used it once in a light snowfall, but it certainly wasn't exposed to the elements for any great length of time.

    Has anyone else ever had this happen??? I'll try to take a pic of it - I'd have to use my camera w/o the flash & take it outside (my camera w/flash does not take good closeups). You can't even really see it in natural light. Once I got back in the house, I looked at can barely notice the mark on the leather but I can see it at the base of the kisslock (this is probably why I missed it when I first got it).
  2. Wow, that is surprising. I have not seen that on any of my Stams. I have seen some discoloration of the kisslock...tarnishing from Gold to a slightly silver-y shade. The rust is scary, because it can get onto the leather! This is a big deal, especially with the lighter colored bags.
  3. Do you think it might be a small amount of adhesive from inside the frame that leaked out and oxidized? This might make more sense since I have the feeling that the MJ hardware is so super treated/coated that I would be really surprised if it was able to rust without MAJOR trama/destruction.
  4. I actually have some errands to run - maybe I'll take my camera with and see if I can get a good pic in direct sunlight. It's in a very difficult place to photograph, so I'll do my best - if I can get a pic I'll post it here later on
  5. I'd be really interested in seeing a pic of this!
  6. Me, too. It sounds odd. Maybe it is some oxidized "gunk". Either way, it can harm the leather.
  7. I haven't been able to get a good pic - the batteries died in my camera (of course) - I don't think it's residue from the glue tho. The color of the markings on the hardware are more brownish which would indicate rust (wouldn't glue residue be more yellow?). No matter what it is, it's driving me nuts now that I know its there!!
  8. OK - I found some batteries in something else & put them in my camera - these are the best I could get, and then THOSE batteries died (I need rechargeable batteries!!)

    Tell me what you think
    P1010522.JPG P1010523.JPG P1010524.JPG P1010525.JPG P1010526.JPG
  9. That is really weird. I can't tell what it is. It could be either rust or some sort of residue coming from around the bag. I don't know if they use glue arung the frame there. If they do, it could be residue. Either way, you should try to get it off before it stains the bag permanently. This is the one problem with lighter bags. They are gorgeous, but they are so fragile at the same time.
  10. It is hard to tell when not looking at it IRL but for some reason I think it's some sort of residue. Have you been able to remove it at all?
  11. I haven't tried yet, other than wetting my thumb and rubbing the spot on the leather a little (did nothing). I didn't want to try anything til I had a better idea what it might be - I guess I can try a little bit of Apple or Cadillac lotion to see if that removes it (it might work on the leather but I don't think it'll help on the hardware)
  12. That does not look like rust to me:nogood:. That deffinitely looks like some glue/goo.

    Here is the thing with rust: you need for the metal to be able to react with oxygen in the air. The MJ hardware is so coated and treated that you would really have to scrape/cut it to expose the untreated metal(that is assuming that there is indeed iron in the metal which I am assuming there is). Even if there had been some sort of trama you would then need to expose that metal to oxygen so that it would oxidize and rust and it doesn't seem like much air can get in there between the metal frame and the leather. Transfering rust permanently is not as easy as it sounds (trust me I use it to process hand made textiles). You need moisture for this and I'm guessing you have been taking pretty good care of that topaz stam.

    So feel better:yes: because not only does it not look like rust, but chances are it can't be.:heart::heart:
    I think its probably glue(which I have see turn dark drown before(even deep red). I guess see if you can clean it?

  13. Pheeww, I feel better now.:p
  14. thanks spacey!!! I was soooo hoping it wasn't rust, but that was my first thought!! It just bugs the crap out of me now that I know its there (the whole time I was in the car yesterday, I kept looking at it like :yucky::yucky:!!)

    now, what do you suggest I clean it with? Do you think Apple and/or Cadillac lotions will help? Should I maybe just try a baby wipe first? I don't want to make it worse. I know in it's an area that not noticeable to anyone but me, and when I'm inside I can barely see it, but put it in natural light and there it is - like it's showing-off for me (kinda like "na-na you can't get me!!) If I can remove it, I'd love to.

    Thanks again!
    (now go get that ZC!!:boxing:smile:

  15. Although I have no idea what to clean it with, I can TOTALLY sympathize with it bugging you. That happens to me ALL the time, even with the smallest marks, if I can't get it off, I just keep staring and staring until it's magnified. It drives me NUTS. Guess what I started fixating on after seeing that picture of the cracked straps?? LOL