Stam: Fall 05 vs. S/S 06

  1. Here's my question: I have a black S/S 06 stam which I love. Today my NM has a black Fall 05 stam which is different and gorgeous. It looks like the leather is also different which I guess makes it slouchier? I know that slouchy vs. structured seems to be a matter of preference. I am having my SA hold the bag for me until tomorrow so that I can make up my mind which Stam to keep. I am worried about the problems with the kiss locks that the Fall bags had. Did they all have that problem or just some? How can I test for that? Also, which leather do you think is prettier? Since I will have my Stam with me, I could compare the 2 side by side tomorrow, but just wanted to get some more opinions to help me make up my mind tomorrow. The Fall 05 bag doesn't seem as big (I guess because it slouches?). I think I really keep coming back to the beauty of the leather for the 05 Fall. Opinions, please!!!
  2. Hi georgiegirl! You're in Houston, right? I saw that bag at NM a few weeks ago and it looked kind of sad and crumpled but I don't *think* it had any issues. I didn't exactly inspect it but it seemed okay. To answer your other question, I have a black fall 05 bag and mine has NO issues. It's a perfect specimen (after sending four back!) so they don't all have issues. I just have a sneaking suspicion that the NM bag was used for a LONG time and then returned. Or returned many times over by different people.
  3. I am in Houston and the Stam was stuffed in the drawer. It did seem crumpled but I was just thinking it was because it had been in that drawer. It looks to be fine but I figured it had to be a return and that got me wondering because it was a fall 05. What leather is this? Nappa or Icy? How do you know if the locks are an issue? Can you remember anything about the bag that worried you? My current stam is in great condition so I don't want to buy someone else's problem.
  4. Also, will it not be so crumpled when I start using it? I just keep looking at the leather and thinking it is prettier than my current Stam.
  5. From what I've seen/read/touched the Fall 05 Stam is a much more slouchy bag--so you can get a "sag" like the speedy--which I actually prefer--the bag is less bulky... The kisslock can cause issues though b/c it doesn't have that little catch that the new ones have--so a lot of people had problems with the bag popping open once their things were inside there... The kisslock is completely smooth. So once weight is in the purse and if it's more on one side of the bag or the other, it causes "stress" so the bag pops open.

    The new Spring Stams are stiffer, more bulky to me. I think you'd seriously have to sit on the bag or something to make it slouch. It looks like there's more structure to the new ones. But they've got the new kisslock which has the catch and prevents it from popping open...

    Just some things to consider.
  6. Georgiegirl, I dunno why it seemed so crumpled to me--mine looks JUST like that. Maybe when mine was new out of the box it had more structure and over time developed it's slouch, I don't quite recall. I remember thinking that if that NM Stam had been the first one I'd ever seen, I would not have been impressed.

    I must have been in a hurry because I honestly didn't inspect it. I remember that it was jammed full of tissue, almost too full, and that irritated me for some reason, lol. But I think you'd be able to identify any problem immediately upon inspection. Put it on over your shoulder with the chain and see if it pops open or if there is a gap in the frame and doesn't close completely. Even if you buy it and it develops any issues, you can return it! Thus continuing the NM-returns spiral. =)

    And yeah, what Wicked said!
  7. I would place something heavy-ish in the bag and try it on your shoulder - that will tell you if it is closing properly.

    I have a fall 05 black stam, too, and it is PERFECT. My fall 05 taupe is not as perfect, but I love it, too.
  8. THanks everyone. It's off to NM I go. Will let you know what I decide. Appreciate all the input. Of course, I really wanted you all to make my decision for me. Who knew purse decisions could be so time consuming?!
  9. i have the s/s stam and the only thing i wish it had different is the lining inside, which is cream suede... i'm really worried that it'll darken and become dirty over time as opposed it the f/w stam which had a beautiful deep red lining...
  10. What ever happened to that beautiful deep red lining??? I loved it! When my stam arrived, I was SO disappointed to see the lining was light beige. (Ick!) I still love the bag, though!
  11. I went to NM and put both the bags side-by-side to make my decision. It was a very tough choice. All stams are beautiful IMO and deserve a loving home. I chose the Fall 05 because I just absolutely love the nappa leather. My spy is nappa leather, and I love the texture of the leather and the slouch. And the deep red interior is gorgeous. The final straw was that I could carry the Fall 05 very comfortable on my shoulder using the leather straps versus the chain. On my S/S 06, the kiss locks poke me armpits so I have to carry it on my shoulder by the chain. All in all, I realized that I probably wouldn't have another chance to get a Stam in this look and leather since all the new ones are more structured. I figured I can get another color in the structured look like Daisy did - but I hate the thought that MJ now does canvas lining. Maybe MJ will hear how everyone hates it and go back to the original suede? Sigh.
  12. Georgie, did you get it? I'm confused because the fall 05 bag I saw at NM was the Icy leather (like mine). I wonder if they had a different one?

    Yeah, the new lining is SO disappointing. I actually like the beige suede but this canvas stuff is the pits. And the price went UP! They are definitely going with the excuse that it's lighter and I thought so at first but when I compared the two, there's really no difference. =|
  13. Hi Daisy. I think I have the nappa leather because of another post I have seen with pics. If I was more computer literate, I could post my own pics. I have to depend on my kids though. What does icy leather look like?
  14. Did you see my pic in the "Black or Bronze Stam" post? I posted my Icey Stam (black) there and you can kind of see the texture there. Icey is the really textured leather as opposed to the Nappa which is smooth(er).
  15. Okay, Daisy, I looked at your pic. I don't think mine is icy. Mine is more matte black versus shiny. Definitely nappa though. Yours is very pretty. I think it is great that you have 2 different styles. I'm curious what colors they will bring out for fall. Told my SA to call me when MJ post their fall line.