Stam Dilemma~ Just got the Patchwork in the mail.. (Pictures included)

  1. Hey guys.

    I just ordered the Ivory Patchwork Stam from NetAPorter for $940. (Sale) & it's actually all gone- I just checked.

    I opened it up, and it was so pretty. But I wasn't totally crazy about it.
    I think I prefer the quilted more. But I can't find any Ivory quilted ones. I saw one on Diabro, but it's pricey. I also saw this new "Milk" color at Nordstroms last night but it's really yellow-y & I don't like it.

    I feel like I should just keep it coz I got sucha good deal on it, but I'm not totally crazy about it. I was looking at the quilted Stams last night (in black, gorgeous, but I really want a white stam) and i really like the quilted patterns.

    Do you guys think it's worth the +$500 extra? Should I just get a quilted Stam? Or Should I just keep coz I got a great deal on it? & it's still pretty~ Do you guys think the department stores are going to have any Stams? I'm looking for White Chiffon in particular..

    Pictures! :smile:





  2. Return it! It doesn't matter that the bag was on sale, $940 is a lot of money to waste on a bag you aren't absolutely in love with. I would either save up for a full priced quilted one or patiently stalk eBay for the bag you really want. Good luck!
  3. I say... Get the one you really want! I just got a quilted Grey N/S Tote (my first MJ ever) and I love it so much I wear it around the house with my PJs sometimes! Granted... I got it on sale... but there was a great quilted MJ bag that was an even better deal... I opted for my fav... and I'm SO GLAD I DID!
    MJ NS Grey.jpg MJ 0001-01.JPG
  4. i think you guys are right... $940 is a lot of money.
    but then some people are telling me it looks the same so it doesn't matter.

    well heres the problem~
    i can't find the white chiffon anywhere.

    and the only thing closest to white @ my local Nordstroms is a new color called "milk" which is very yellow-y.

  5. you've gotta do what makes you happy - even if that means you've gotta wait for the bag to come back in stock at the department stores. did you try calling any of the MJ boutiques?
  6. I'm eyeing the Ivory Stam on Do you guys know if it's REally white?? or how white it is?? coz the Ivory patchwork is offwhite.
  7. Noo. i should definitely try calling the MJ boutiques tho. thank you
  8. ^^^^ ITA:yes:
  9. How about the Coconut color? -- This has more grey than yellow undertones for an off-white.
  10. I personally think it's stunning, but definately do not keep it if you aren't truely in love with it. Go and search for the one you love if you can :yes:

    I love the Patchwork pattern, I plan on getting myself a patchwork stam next due to the fact that I have 3 quilted one already, lol.

    Good luck sweetie, I hope you get one that makes you so happy! :heart::heart::heart:
  11. It's a beautiful bag but I think you should definitely return it if you are not crazy about it. I personally prefer the quilted over the patchwork as well. Sometimes we all need help taking off our sale goggles.
  12. i love net-a-porter's pretty packaging.

    anyway, it sounds like you're not enthused about it, which means you should return it. at $940, even if it was on sale, is still too much money to just settle. i think the bag is very pretty and it looks great on you. perhaps you need a few days to think it over and carry it around the house?

    i wasn't that crazy about the stam when i first got it either. i contemplated returning it for a few days and just when i was about to walk out the door enroute to the mj boutique, i had an epiphany and realized that i wanted to keep it. sometimes we have such high expectations for our bags especially when the anxiety builds as we're waiting for it to arrive that we ultimately set ourselves up for a letdown. well, that's the case for me anyway. don't know about anyone else.

    good luck with your decision. :flowers:
  13. tadpole, i think u are rite

    i might need a few days to adjust~
    coz when i look at it, it is REALLY pretty.
    and the quilted gives off a granny-ish type to me.
    but then my mind keeps changing. haha

    im eyeing the IVORY stam on DIABRO..
    do you guys know what shade of white that is?
  14. OMG I totally LOVE love that bag, but it's you to has to love it so :smile:
  15. I think it's lovely, but you should invest in a bag you're absolutely crazy about... :smile: