stam deals?

  1. does anyone know if and where i can buy a stam for under $1000? i found a link yesterday to eluxury for a sale price of $894

    but it's out of stock. :crybaby:i need this bag for a christmas present... please help!

    thanks in advance ;)
  2. If you check the Post Mj Sale Sightings Here! thread you should be able to find some baby Stams, Kids, and Minas for under $1000. Good luck!
  3. thanks melly :smile: i did a search, but i guess i didn't look hard enough. still new to the forum
  4. It will require some effort on your part. You will need to call Nordstrom to see what is left in their inventory. Do it soon though because the good bags are selling out fast. Good luck!
  5. See this post!

  6. large black quilted stam for $929!!! whoo!!! thanks all!
  7. judging by the prices everywhere... i am worried they are sending me the patchwork bag instead of the quilted bag. has anyone seen the patchwork bag in real life? do we like it?
  8. miked - I have seen it IRL and it is very nice. The patchwork leather is very soft, smooth and shiny (but not patent). It looks like it's made from lambskin, but I don't know for sure. The quilted version is more matte. I don't know if the quilted version is made from goat or calf skin. I don't have a stam, but I have admired them on other people.
  9. thank you kiss_P!!! i had seen an image of the patent looking shiny, and one of it looking matte, as long as it's shiny i'll be happy. :smile: