Stam Colours!

  1. hey ladies,

    in which colours did the stam ever come in?

    i know : black, taupe,almond,ivory, putty, blush, mouse, chestnut(saddle brown), topaz, cashew, the phyton editions, white chiffon...

    especially the 2005 editions?
    and which ones have lampo zippers?

    thanks for your help.

    (sorry if that question may have already appeared previously)


    Fall/Winter 05 Stams: Black, Pearl, Violet, Bordeaux, Petrol, Taupe

    Resort 05 Stams: Black, White

    Spring/Summer 06 Stams: Black, Ivory, Putty, Blush (patent), Chalk (patent), Cola (patent)

    Fall/Winter 06 Stams: Black, Bronze, Camel, Ivory, Cashew, Mouse, Chesnut, Whiskey

    Resort 06 Stams: Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond, Saddle Brown

    Spring/Summer 07 Stams: Black, Ivory, Brown, Green, Blue, Natural
    Resort 06 Stams: Ivory, Beige, Light Grey, Navy, Olive
  4. ^^^ info from Marc Jacobs Lookbook

  5. thx for the quick reply.

    I didn't know there was a white bag in the collection of 2005.
    Was the interior red suede.
    I guess the chain and the clasps must have been in brass then?

    thx L.
  6. Those white/pearl bags are more rare, some online stores such as BG/NM only carried Black & Taupe for 2005.

    F/W 05 Stams: nappa (smooth, soft) leather or icy (glazed, shiny, pebbled) leather, bordeaux suede interior, bronze hardware, lampo zippers

    Resort 05 Stams: shiny hardware and leather, bordeaux suede interior, honey gold hardware

    Riri zippers are used starting from S/S 2006.


  7. Thanks!
    I'm asking cause there is an eBay auction with a white stam at the moment so I wasn't sure about this colour.

    x L
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  9. Anyone know what color this stam is? some say chestnut, others say stone:

  10. ^ If you post your question (along with additional pictures and/or auction number) in the Name That Mj Bag!!!!!!!! thread I'm sure someone can help you. :yes:
  11. hi, i posted a similar question on another thread but never got a response. does anyone know if the quilted blake came in the colors mentioned above? i'm particularly interested in the taupe, putty, and natural... and are there any pictures of those colors anywhere? this would be a huge help as i am trying to decide whether or not to bid on an auction. many thanks in advance!
  12. Look in the MJ ref. library. You can search the seasonal collection threads for quilted blake and you should be able to find a wealth of pics and info. Good luck:heart:
  13. thanks for the response! what is the mj ref library, and where can i find it? please let me know when you can. much appreciated!
  14. It is located toward the top of the Marc Jacobs forum. Here is the link: Marc Jacobs Reference Library