STAM: colours for each season from F/W05 to S/S06

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  1. anyone know the colours and leather varieties of stams for each season between seasons F/W 05 to S/S 06?

    i am thinking of hunting past seasons stams but need to know my options so i know what to look for :yes:

    thank youuu...!
  2. hi bagpunk

    if you run a search in the MJ forum you will find it in several of the threads:smile: it has been mentioned quite a couple of times in detailed such as the colours, hardware and leather of each season since the launch of the stam in quite a number of the threads by our resident MJ fairygodmum baglover

    hope this helps
  3. Quilted Classic Stams

    Fall 05: Black, Ivory, Bordeaux, Violet, Petrol, Taupe
    Resort 05: Black, ..
    Spring 06: Black, Ivory, Putty, Blush (patent), Chalk (patent), Cola (patent)
    Fall 06: Black, Ivory, Bronze, Camel, Cashew, Mouse, Chestnut, Whiskey
    Resort 06: Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond, Saddle Brown
    Spring 07: Black, Ivory, Brown, Green, Blue, Natural
  4. Bag.lover would you happen to know what shade of green?
  5. violet stam 05..? VIOLET...? aahhh.... i wonder how that looked like.... how come i have never seen one...? also bordeaux.... putty.... OOOOHHH....!!!! :drool:
  6. i think the green is called turquoise green, so must be blue-ish green?
  7. Fall 05 Stams are rare especially Violet! The only member who has this gorgeous color is tFSer/tPFer Daisy. =) eBay/ioffer are flooded with copies of these Stams.

    Violet Stam (Icy leather version) on
    Violet Little Stam (Nappa leather version) of tFSer/tPFer Daisy
  8. Spring 07's Green is described as turquoise by MJ stores.
    I saw several pictures in the look book, but I can't describe it b/c the real life colors look different than what're shown in printouts most of the time.
  9. THAT'S the purple i was talking about! but that stam pic from MJ is so bad... ooh, i wish someone has the regular stam in THAT colour (like the small one daisy has) that they want to let go...
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