Stam colour

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I would like to purchase either a patchwork or quilted stam bag this year. I would like a cream or light beige sort of colour. What colour description would that be i.e Ivory? Coconut? Milk? Is Ivory simply white colour or is it a creamy colour? Also, what is the price to pay for the patchwork and the quilted?
  2. Last time I looked the patchwork was $1550, but then I think the ivory was on sale somewhere. The quilted is the same price. There is an ivory color, there was a dove patent that looked a little grayish on NAP, and a white chiffon that has a yellow undertone (but that was from seasons ago). Not sure what other cream colors for stam are out there, but the ivory is gorgeous.
  3. Ivory IS gorgeous. I have a patchwork venetia in this color. I'm not sure if Ivory is still available but i think Coconut is one of the recent releases I've seen lately. It's like a pure white... I saw a Milk colored Blake, but don't remember seeing any PW Stams in this color, but i'm not an expert in what season certain colors were released. You might want to research the Marc Jacobs Reference guide...
  4. I saw a patchwork stam in ivory color on NM sale table for 40% off. It was last month. I believe some of the gals here had better deals (50% or 60% off) in the past month.