stam colour MOUSE what do you think?

  1. hey anyone,

    I quite like the stam in MOUSE.
    What do you ladies think about this colour?
    To what can it be worn (which colours)

    I'm just curious about what you are thinking, let me know.

  2. I have a stam hobo in mouse and I loooove it. It's a great neutral with a lot of brown undertones, so it looks good with brown, but I think I love it the best with black. I even wear it with my bright blue coat, it looks great. I really can't say enough about this bag, of all the bags in my collection it's the one I'd give up last.
  3. I also have a mouse stam hobo and agree that it's very neutral. I don't see so much brown in it though, I think it's more greyish. I think it looks better with brights and black - cooler colors vs warm.
  4. I bought the Quilted Blake in Mouse but ended up returning it. IMO it was grey with an odd purpleish brown undertone to it. I thought it would be a lot more grey then it ended up being. However, if you saw it IRL and like it then go for it!
  5. hey ladies,
    thx for your opinions.
    i haven't seen the bag in reality yet ( just the ivory phyton one, the chestnut -or saddle brown, the black and the almond baby stam) , so thats why i asked.
    many posts say that the bags do appear different in reality than in pictures.

    I found some pictures of the mouse colour here in the forum.hope it's okay if i took anyones photos.

    so which photos matches the colour best?

    mouse1.JPG mouse3.jpg rihannamouse2.jpg jlopezmouse3.jpg stam32.JPG
  6. IMO, the 3rd photo with JLo matches the color tone best BUT it's actually lighter than it appears.

    1st one - too grey
    2nd and 4th ones - too brown
  7. well, good :smile: thx.

    another thing is if the bag would be too big for me being just 5'2"?:confused1:
    As I said I've seen the stams in reality but missed the chance to try one....
  8. Ok, I have the Stam in Mouse and I'm 5'1. I LOVE big bags though. It's a big bag but it I thin it looks totally cute, if it goes with me or not,'a a STAM! That's all you need to focus on, lol. The's amazing, goes with neautral tones or even like a dark red or navy or green.I wore a royal blue-ish juicy track suit and brown running sneakers with it and i think it went awesome. it's a color that pulls alot of things together. it's not an attention grabbing color but noticable in a very classy way. it also looks amazing when worn with sporty in my opinion. i think you should get it, it's one of my fav. top 3 bags in my whole collection. it's also made extremly well and well worth the money, you honestly couldn't kill the thing if you tried. :wlae:
  9. I love that colour! It's one of my top faves. In my opinion, it's farrrrrrrr better in person. I LOVED it on the new quilted Blake!

    To each her own.

    I also like black, blue, the hobo in chestnut and the patchwork bronze! :heart::heart::heart:
  10. thx for your answers.
    yes i hope it goes with a lot of colours too.
    i'm thinking about getting the east/West stam in mouse?
    it seems to be a bit smaller and maybe not so heavy?
  11. I think Mouse is a really nice neutral, and it can be paired with lots of things. My favorite stam shape is the baby stam. I think it's comparable in weight to the east/west. I hope you find one you love Lisie!
  12. I saw the stam in mouse recently, and I thought the color was fabulous.
  13. Heres my colours if that helps - this is my east west stam
  14. Meant to say it goes really well with all colours - very versatile.
  15. That is one stunning bag Secret Shopoholic, congratulations :biggrin: