Stam Colors - Spring/Summer 2008

  1. Does anyone know what colors the Stam will be available in for the Spring/Summer 2008 lines? All they show on the MJ website is the Raspberry one (and the Fluo Pink w/the black nylon strap - Yuck!), and I really don't want this bag in a shade of pink. I've seen the Milk and Yellow colored ones at Nordstroms, but I think those are Resort and not S/S (altho I could be mistaken).

    I've decided that I'm going to put away some money for the next 2 mos and then buy myself a new Stam (at full price - Yikes!), but since this is a bag that I consider a classic and one I want to use for a long time to come and then pass on to my granddaughter, I want it in a practical color. The Milk color is sorta nice, altho I'm not so sure I want to do a shade of white. I know I don't want black (as classic it may be), becuz I'm not too crazy about the Stam in black. I think this is the type of bag you need to have in a pretty shaded color.

    Does anyone know whether or not there is a shade of gray this S/S??
  2. Doesn't anyone know anything about the S/S colors????
    What about the Pale Gray (shown as a Venetia)?
    Does anyone know if the Stam will be available in that color?
    pale grey.jpg
  3. I have been waiting for the stamp in Pink (if it will available anytime in the nearly future.)
  4. Quilted and soft calf lines are rarely released in the same colors... most likely you won't see Pale Grey in the stam. I'm sure, however, that you'll find a color that you'll like. Stams are considered part of the permanent collection so it should be released again in spring.
  5. well, then these should make you very happy!!
    Raspberry and Fluorescent Pink
    rasp stam.jpg fluo pink stam.jpg
  6. I love the Fluorescent Pink, but I hate the black nylon strap and that black edging at the top. Yuck.
  7. i actually like the raspberry...but i don't think i will be getting any purses maybe a zip clutch though
  8. The raspberry is a very lovely shade!
  9. the raspberry color reminds me of the Berry Pink from a few years ago -
    I had a Stella in that color
  10. I know I keep posting this everywhere, but the patchwork stam is being offered in tart cherry for resort this year! It's sooooooooo yummy!!!!!:love:


    Maybe I'm crazy to want such a loud bag, but I think its my fave color in the patchwork yet!:heart:
  11. ^^^ I love that color! It just POPS!
  12. These are the ones I want... Among others...:girlsigh:
  13. oooh, pretty! When will those start arriving in the stores? I like the fluro!:heart:
  14. I like Raspberry:love::love: But not so much of that Fluorescent Pink, especially with the black strap!