Stam Colors at MJ stores

  1. Do the MJ stores still have past season colors of Quilted Stams or are the older colors generally sold out? Topaz, Berry, etc. I know they never put their bags on sale. I thought they may still have more stock for that reason.
  2. they have topaz as recently as 2 weeks ago in the NY store, I called because I was getting desperate...thank goodness I found mine on eBay. I think the berry was on sale too....that's a gorgeous color by the way...they def. have more in stock because they never have sales and can track down almost anything for you.

    good luck!
  3. I thought so...thanks for the info. I am going to have to go look at the L.A. MJ store and see what they have. I think I want another Stam, but I would love to know what my color options really are. I always wondered what they do with all the bags that do not they just keep them in stock forever?
  4. if it's a past season bag and it doesn't sell, they'll just ship it back to the warehouse while the bag remains in their inventory database. i've had the mj store look up older bags. once they find it, they have the warehouse ship it to the store where i can purchase it. i was considering calling to see if by chance they have the chilli trish somewhere in that magical warehouse of theirs. i doubt it, but it's always worth a try!
  5. You never know. It's always a good idea to periodically check. You might get lucky! I just have to figure out what color I really want. Is there a list somewhere of all the colors of quilted Stams??
  6. Thanks for that list.
    I think a brown would be nice. Which brown do you think is the nicest and most versatile?
  7. As this is a thread about colors, maybe my question is in the right place here:

    what exactly is the difference between those colors:
    1. Ivory, coconut, white chiffon, milk
    2. Putty, stone, almond, natural

    All colors under number 1 and under number 2 look very very similar to me. Is it always the same color just named different depending on the season or is there a real difference? From all the pictures I watched here in the forum I can't really find a difference. But I am very interested because I bought an "eggshelled" "ivory" stam bag (which already reached Germany - whooh! But still on its way to me... Maybe tomorrow?) and am crazy right know about how it looks IRL!
  8. I like truffle which is pretty dark and cashew (I think that's the name) which is a softer brown. The truffle is very rich and looks more dressy IMO. Whatever you decide keep us informed. I need a brown handbag too.:tup:
  9. each of those colors, while very similar, have very subtle differences. It's usually in the undertones & stitching. But you're right they're also from different seasons -- I think they always have a version of an Ivory stam, but instead of selling the same exact color/bag season after season, they change it up a little by adding a different colored top-stitching, lining and maybe mix in some other subtle undertone. It's still an ivory color, but in different lighting various other shades might "pop" out at you.
  10. Iluvmybags, thx for the explanation - it is a good idea to make little changes to the fabric. I am really excited to see it IRL!
  11. They are subtly different. Really close, though. Especially the ivories. The stitching on some is more of a contrast, which I like.

    I wasn't crazy about the Truffle Stam in person. It's nice, but not what I expected. I do love the chocolate patchwork Stam, though. I am still thinking about that one. The color of that bag is the brown I really love. I wear my Truffle Dash when I need a true brown bag, but the chocolate color is still my favorite.
  12. i love the fall 07 grey. i'd say it's closer to a true grey than mouse is, which has taupe undertones. spring 08 is a slate grey and also very pretty.

    the chocolate patchwork is gorgeous; a really deep, rich brown.
  13. I like the greys that are more definite grey, like the S/S 08 one -- I really didn't care for the F07 one as it seemed to brown to me -- I like the Mouse Grey (which looks more like Taupe) mainly because of the top stitching.

    Of the three though, I think I'd have to choose the S/S 08 Dark grey, which unfortunately is seemingly as almost impossible color to find!