Stam Chain

  1. I finally got a stam, but now the chain concerns me. I really love to carry the bag with the chain (even though it's heavy). I think it gives it a richer, polished, look. But I heard that the chain will loose its color and even start peeling? I really love the bag, but only with the chain...
  2. i have never had any problems with peeling or chipping chains and i have quite a few mj bags with chains (i think they add a certain flair to the bags too). i really wouldn't worry about it as i am not particularly delicate with my bags and the hardware is still in pristine condition. mj bags are durable. plus if any damage were to occur, you could always contact the company for free repairs/replacements.
  3. what about the color? will it loose the color? It's so shiny now :smile:
  4. i've heard the color of the metallics can rub off after time, but you should have no problems with the regular quilted and patchwork stams.
  5. Some chains develop tarnish over time but it can be removed with a jewelry cloth. If you store your bags in a cool dry place you should be fine though. :smile:
  6. Tadpolenyc, that's what I meant, the color of the chain. So it can be polished back to its original shinyness? Then, it's a keeper! :smile:
  7. OMG!!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. i have two first season stams and have never had any problems with chipping...and if it ever starts looking dull, just get a flannel cloth or silver cloth and buff it up to shine :smile:
  9. I have noticed that the edges on my kiss lock are showing a bit of wear, I guess after opening and closing so much. I guess this can't be avoided, huh? Anyone else notice that?
  10. I wonder what the metal parts of the bag are made of? I have a few kate spades, and she uses lots of gold metal on her bags, they never fade, you never have to polish anything, and they don't scratch easily either..