Stam Chain

  1. I won an auction off eBay and got a cognac Stam, which is beautiful. How can I tell if the chain is one of the new ones or not? I read that the newer ones are lighter in weight. Am not sure what year the bag is, but I love it.

  2. Check in the inside pocket for the serial tag-you can get the season/yr from that. Not sure about the chain detail...You could also post a photo of the bag/interior/chain and someone could probably tell you about it...:okay:

    Congrats on your new bag!!:yahoo:
  3. I heard that the chains are lighter in the newer MJs, but I'm not sure if it's pertinent to Stams. It's more for the chain strap bags. The chain is hollowed out instead of solid metal.

    I'm not sure which color cognac is, but congrats! Can't wait to see your pics. If the chain has the MJ engraved on the rounded part of the clasp, then it's a fall 06 or older. If the MJ is engraved on the straight base, then it's a resort 06 or newer stam.
  4. I recently purchased a Stam in grey. The new chain is definitely lighter than in the baby Stam I have from last Spring... However, the new chain makes a funny hollow sound, whereas the old chain sounds like a heavy iron chain.