stam brown or black

  1. please suggest..

    I have to pass Almond because I don't think I can take very very good care of this color. Now I am between black and brown. Which one do you think it's timeless?
  2. I would go with black. Brown is more difficult for me to wear, since I tend to like jewel tones rather than neutrals. But honestly, you have to decide based on your own wardrobe. Go with the color that would match best.
  3. Same with thithi (wow, we do think alike!) I'm not a big fan of brown though my accessories isn't really in earthtone shades. I would go for black.
  4. I'd say black if you haven't already got a black bag that you love and carry often. Brown is just not a color I adore on the stam for some reason.
  5. Black. Black bags with gold hardware looks so gorgeous IMO.
  6. Black
  7. Definitely black :smile:
  8. Black is definitely more versatile: it can be combined with most colours.
  9. I still think you should get almond- and you can get it for a GREAT price now at with code thankyou it's 30% off- comes to 892.50-total! Free shipping and No tax! I think thats pretty good and I don't think you'll ruin it- I've had my Ivory for about 2 months now and I'm not that careful and nothing has happened! The lighter colors really do this bag justice!! I get much more attention when I wear the Ivory then when I wear the taupe.
    BUT, If you do pass on the Almond then 100000% Black! IMO :smile:
  10. black
  11. Another vote for black! :smile:
  12. Black! :smile:
  13. either brown or black would be timeless, but it really depends on your wardrobe. if you wear a lot of black, then it would make sense for you to choose the black stam. however, if you're like me, and you tend to wear neutrals and earth tones, you should get the brown stam.

    i do love the combination of the gold hardware with the black quilted leather, but i could never justify purchasing a black stam because i rarely wear black.