Stam-black or cream? I can't decide!

  1. Hi all,

    Many of you will know of the ongoing saga I have with getting a stam. I had already decided on black with it being a classic colour and all. However, I have recently became enchanted by the cream and now I can't decide between them both. Which is the better colourway in peoples opinions, and does the cream colour transfer onto clothing? I am slightly worried that the cream may be difficult to keep clean.

    I have already seen a lot of fake stams doing the rounds too. Does this mean that the stam has a limited shelf life? I am hoping to get a lot of wear out of this bag!
  2. Cream, oo I love white bags!! and the stam looks great in light colors and white is a new classic color year round its perfect. My vote is for the cream
  3. I had the stam in black but returned it because I personally think the stam is more trendy than a classic. But I prefer black. I think the stam in white looks old lady-ish.
  4. Cream for sure, black is like............. black!
  5. I don't know how to advise you. I have one in black and almond. The almond is not really cream, but not really brown either. I guess it's two or three shades darker than cream. I love them both and use them equally. :yes:
  6. Do you have a picture of the cream to post? I'm not exactly sure what shade that is. But I think my vote is for the cream. Everytime I see the Stam in a light color I think it's adorable. When I see it in black I'm not as interested.
  7. I definitely vote for white chiffon! Here's a pic:
  8. If you take care of your bags or don't plan on using the stam everyday, then go for the white! I really like this bag in that color... or, if you think you'll have a tough time keeping it clean, then go for classic black.
  9. I saw a Stam in Ivory at Bloomingdales last weekend and I have to say it was GORGEOUS!
  10. Oh I still can't decide! Here's pics of both of them, does it help with the choosing?!



    Pictures from Net-a-porter.
  11. cream for sure..
  12. I LOVE the cream! :love: I just think it shows off the bag a lot more! I was torn between the black and a lighter color, too, but finally decided on the Stam in Almond, and haven't regretted it since!!
  13. i say black... or be very careful with the cream- the die from your clothes, like jeans, can transfer onto the bag. good luck either way!
  14. Well, I guess after seeing the pictures I'd say cream. It looks "fresh" and "new". But either one would be a nice choice.
  15. Thanks ladies for your valued opinions. Gosh, I am so torn between the two. I was ready to order it from NAP yesterday but now I am waiting till I decide which colour. My first choice was black but I love the cream one now. It's so hard!