stam bag

  1. fellow bag lovers....any suggestions on where i can find a stam bag? any shops in paris? or online store?? im feeling this bag sooooo much!!!
  2. Nordstrom MacArthur Center has one Stam in Mouse... and they have the new Stam East/West in Mouse. Call 757-314-1111. Spoke to Gail half an hour ago and have a Black Stam on hold for myself. If I decide not to get the black one, do you want me to keep it on hold and let you know? I am going to run down there in a few minutes.
  3. Okay... just back from Nordies. YES... they have it in Mouse in the regular Stam and in Mouse in the East/West Stam (new style). They ALSO have TWO Stams in black. One Black Stam is on hold for me, but the other is available. (It's the original Stam, not the East/West.) They got three Black Stams in on Sunday (which they said is unusual, since they rarely get trucks on Sunday) and three Mouse Stams on Sunday, and just got one of the Mouse East/West today. 757-314-1111 ask for SA Tina.
  4. Look on the Saks website, there were stams available yesterday (mouse and black, I think).
  5. Hey, does anyone know... is the Mouse color pronounced "mousse" or "mouse?" It is spelled M-O-U-S-E but I've heard two SAs pronounce it "mousse." I want to make sure I'm "in the know" and say it correctly. :amuse: