Stam bag - which colors?

  1. Is there an original lilac stam bag or something similar?

    Which colors are available for the stam bag?

    The more I see this bag the more I like it..the blue one is georgeous..:love:
  2. i know an emerald green is available too- but i got the blue one!! it IS gorgeous...:smile:
  3. Do you know which season of Stam you are looking for?
  4. I think the blue one is stunning! But for some reason it's the emerald one that I lust after--such a rich colour!
  5. They've got a so called Topaz at's lovely :love:

    Which season I'm looking for? Hmmm...not a special one...I don't care about the season...are there differences, except the colors?

    I like the littel Stam very much...but they've only the black one at net-a-porter. A little blue or totapz one would be great :yes:
  6. There are differences each season. When you look at it afar, you may not notice, but the Chains (color and hooks), interior (suede or canvas), and exterior (the look of the leather) are different each season.

    There isn't a lilac color, but topaz is like a light blue/turquoise.