Stam bag sizing

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  1. what is the sizing of the stam bags?Like what is the largest and what is the smallest?And also,is there a wallet that goes with the stam bag?

    thanks so much!
  2. Sorry to be a bother again, but also is it possible to find a list somewhere of all the colors it comes in?Im not very familiar with it as you can tell.:blush:
    If someone could tell me that would be fantastic!thanks
  3. little stam measures 12" x 9" x 1.5"

    regular stam measures 15" x 9"x 6"

    no wallet comes with the stam
  4. Some colors that the stam comes (or came) in:

    Classic Leather: Bordeaux, Taupe, Violet, Almond, Ivory, White Chiffon, Cashew, Topaz, Saddle Brown, Natural, Brown, Green, Blue, Black, Berry

    Patent: Blush, Cola, Chalk (these three no longer available), Dove (exclusive from Nap-a-Porter)

    There's also some cool colors that are coming out in the newest season. If you search on the forum you should be able to find it. HTH!
  5. The closest matching wallet would be the quilted wallets, there are several sizes, the most popular being the zip clutches.