Stam bag on NAP!

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  1. hi! i'm new here! NAP emailed me that the black Stam will be availaible online tomorrow!:biggrin:
  2. Hi Danae - welcome!!

    Thanks for the info!
  3. yeah, thanks ;)
  4. although they said it's gonna be for something like 1200 euro and the last time they had it in October it was a lot less... well! maybe its value "incresed"
  5. Thanks for the info. That bag has yet to grow on me, but the putty color one is beautiful :biggrin:
  6. BUMP...

    I just took a peek and they had cream (Chalk, I think) too but it sold out. Black is still available at the moment.
  7. wow that was fast. :biggrin:
  8. why does everyone prefer lighter colors? i liked the putty, ok, but black ones are so easier... plus, with stam i think the pale ones look too " granny " .... sorry!
  9. Danae: I agree all the way. I have and LOVE the black and although the light colors are gorgeous, I think the black deverts the bag from being too granny. That said, I'm still soooooooooo tempted by Blush and Putty.
  10. i really like putty too, Daisy, but my mother has always told me that i should never have the same style of anything in two colors.. i've always been extravagant but my mom has held me back, otherwise i'd buy every possible balenciaga i can afford... still, i sneaked out on that one and i have two balenciagas: black twiggy and navy first! well, they don't count as the same style, really?!? lol :smile: