Stam Bag... Heavy or not?!

  1. I just went out to the secondhand shops this morning to try on some handbags and just when I didn't expected, I saw my MJ dream bag! The Black Stam Bag!! It's sooo gorgeous and it looks perfect!! But when I tried it on.. I'm having doubts of whether to buy one or not.. Why? I found it heavy.. Just like one of the handbag that I've always wanted to have.. My Chanel XL Jumbo Flap.. I got the Chanel handbag, but when it reached my arms.. I'm having problem with the weight! So after I month or so, I just sold it because I only used it once and I feel heavy, heavy, heavy! Now.. My problem is.. MJ Stam Bag.. How heavy? Do you find it heavy at all? Is it as heavy as my XL Vintage Jumbo Flap??
    If you can give me opinions about this Stam Bag.. That would be a great help.. I just don't want to buy and then ended up later on inside my closet only...

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I was just searching this the other night. Someone weighed it and it turns out to be slightly heavier than the Stam. I cant remember the exact kilograms but I think its 1.5kg? I'll do a search.
  3. I'll go over this thread.. Thanks Dimple!!!
  4. I read over this thread but it seemed... I don't know.. I don't know the weights of my handbags! So I can't really compare... All I wanted to know is "Is the Stam Bag as heavy as my XL Vintage Jumbo Flap (Chanel)?" Thanks!
  5. I LOVE the look of this bag and I have it in the Putty with the blue suede lining. It is a very heavy bag. I'm actually thinking of unloading it from my collection because I don't use it anymore. I wish it was lighter because it is a beautiful bag.
  6. I hate carrying heavy bags too. For me, the stam is too heavy. I guess it depends what you are going to do with it. I wouldn't take it out on a long day of shopping, but it may be good for a dinner out or to work, when you're not carrying it around so much.
  7. It is a heavy bag, but if you don't load your purse with lots of stuff it won't be too bad.
  8. Awww! Then stam is not my choice anymore! :sad:
  9. the stam is a heavy bag. it's not as heavy if you can fit it over your shoulder, but I'm not lucky enough to do that. i put up with the weight b/c I love the bag so much. actually, alot of my bags are heavy. my biceps are quite strong now. haha. but anyways, it is a heavy bag even without anything in it. i suppose it's up to you and how much you can endure. fashion is not easy! LOL.
  10. The stam weighs more than 1.5k! I just called MJ and they weighed the elastic one for me, which they said was LIGHTER than the original. Elastic stam weighs 4.2 lbs. Yikes.
  11. Is this with or without the chain? I dunno - I've taken to carrying my Stam without the chain and I haven't had a problem about weight in terms of carrying it to work, for a full day of shopping, etc.

    I think a lot of it has to do with each person and what is "normal" for them and what would be "too heavy" is if it were to start causing back problems.
  12. I think the stam is super heavy!!! I carry it because I love it but I can't deny it's heavy ;)
  13. VERY Heavy!!!!
  14. you guys it's not that heavy, i have a stam hobo i use regularly and a venetia and stam, i don't really think it's as heavy as the jumbo chanel, anyway, it's nothing really when you take the chain off.