STAM bag handle length....ok for some people not ok for me

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  1. Ok, when i wear my stam bag, i cant slip the bag over my shoulder with the handles without having the kisslock dig into my armpits.

    HOWEVER, is it just me or are these celebrities super skinny and thats why it doesnt happen to them?

    Do the older stams have longer handles?

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  2. well yes I think the 05 stams do have slightly longer handles.
    i got a putty stam recently and it fits perfectly under my arm. (but I think wearing a thick winter coat will be a problem).
    also a lot of these celebrities are super skinny , too.
  3. Yup, these gals are twigs. The 05's do have longer handles, and even those still dig into my arm... It hurts to be fashionable!!
  4. Dita looks fabulous! What color is that Stam?

    And I'm not a skinny girl at. In fact, my arms are pretty meaty. I have the newer Stam though, and it's fine over my shoulder. It's from me carrying the bag so much. The handles kind of stretched.
  5. I have a '07 bronze patchwork stam and it fits on my shoulders without the kisslock digging into my armpits. I'm not sure if the older stams had longer handles though. oh but i've been told i'm small...

  6. good to know they can stretch!
  7. I have an '07 ivory quilted, it fits over my shoulder ok, not VERY comfy, but fine in a cinch. I'm 5'8 and not exactly skinny :smile:.
  8. :smile: my stam is looking at me and telling me to get on the treadmill!!!
  9. ^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: You're too funny.
  10. Amazing bag jen!! Congrats on your purchase. You always get great bags!
  11. aww thanks thi!! i really love the stam and the color is so pretty IRL!
  12. I can only put my stam on my shoulder when I'm not wearing a big fat winter coat - fine now, may become an issue when october rolls round! I don't think being skinny/fat has anything to do with it - I'm 5'8" and a US size 2 and I still have problems with the kisslock!
  13. mello_yello_jen--you look amazing with your bag! That color is fabulous!!
  14. i'm thinking about getting the '07 ivory quilted stam. how do you like it so far? what do you love/hate about it? i'm mostly worried about the whiteness of the leather. I'm pretty careful about my purses but I just wanted how the leather on yours has held up to daily use. Also, what do you use to protect the leather of your stam? Thanks so much! I'm almost a proud-Stam owner and just have a few questions!
  15. I can fit it on my shoulder but the kisslock digs a little on my armpit. It's a little annoying so I would rather carry it with the chain or on my arm.