Stam bag color for summer

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  1. I don't know which color to get. Which color overall looks best on the stam?
  2. Anybody have an idea?
  3. i guess it depends on what your wardrobe is like...
  4. Personally, I like the Stam in Ivory color since it's a lighter and is suitable for the summer. Of course, you also have to look at your wardrobe or what your mind wants.

    Moodysmom10, I noticed your counter 20 days until your wedding. Congrats!
  5. I personally loooove the topaz!!! I have seen this color IRL and it is TDF!
  6. how about cashew? it's a light color and would be good for summer
  7. I really think it depends on your preference. I think the stam looks good in basically every color, but personally I am most enamored with the python stam. It looks unimpressive in pictures but is actually very stunning IRL.
  8. I have the Stam in black and in almond. I find that the almond is a nice neutral color for summer, although, I don't use it everyday.