stam bag blue?

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  1. Hi! I'm getting really confused. Which blue is the sapphire blue and which blue is the petrol blue for the marc jacobs stam bag. I like the darker one.
  2. I believe the darker is the petrol.

    It is beautiful!
  3. MJ did not make a sapphire blue Stam. Petrol was the only blue manufactured, and it was part of the Fall 2005 line. The bag sold out almost immediately and is nearly impossible to find. There are many fake blue stams on eBay so be careful. In fact, I have not seen an authentic petrol on eBay in several months, despite many sellers claiming theirs are the real deal.

    Also, the fall petrol stams came in two versions--the icy leather which was sold at department stores and the smooth napa which was exclusive to MJ boutiques. The icy was more of a blue color while the smooth napa looked more like a teal. I'm attaching a photo of the petrol multipocket bag in icy leather so you can see the color. The photo is from

    I hope this helps--Good luck!

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  4. This is helpful for everyone, thanks!
  5. valerieb is right. Only petrol. Although I heard grumblings that there may be a midnight blue for ss/06.
  6. I also heard there would be a midnight Stam and a green Stam from one of the MJ SAs. He might be right since they are making spring bags in midnight and green in the patent leather (same leather as the chalk and blush stams). A midnight blue Stam would be oh so tempting...
  7. Don't you know it! :love:
  8. There definitely may be a new blue and green coming out but "sapphire blue" is a color MADE UP by the fakers!! :evil: :evil: :evil: