Stam and Spy help!

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  1. Hi! Need some help here. I recently bought a spy and a stam from MJ and Fendi in the states which were shipped to me here in SIngapore. I got the SPy in Cognac and the Stam in Chalk ICe leather.
    1. I don't quite like the spy in cognac. I can now choose between the bone, dark brown or honey. I was thinking honey. What do u guys think of honey compared to cognac?
    2. I've read alot about the Stam on ebay an some sites. Some claim that the bag has 2 inside pockets but mine has only 1 zipped pocket. And most state that the inside lining is suede. I don't think mine is suede. Did the ice leather chalk come in a different fabric lining?
  2. 1) I think cognac is the most beautiful color but rather than that , I will pick dark brown instead of honey. How about petrol?

    May I know which MJ store you ordered your Stam from? is it shiny leather or matte leather? because I am planning to order one as well and I live in New Zealand which no MJ store here.

    and how much they charge you for shipping? any import tax?

    thanks a lot!
  3. I got it from MJ NY. Its the patent leather one. SHipping cost US$85. Taxes depend on your country
  4. This season's patent leather stam? If it is, they've switched to a canvas lining - I can't remember why, but they have.
  5. Yup, up in elux its saying twill lining... has the price decreased somewhat ? It may explain why.
  6. do you have both pic's
  7. No, I paid $1200 for it. And yes it does have a twill canvas lining. I'll try to get a photo taken as soon as I find my camera. but what do u guys think of the honey spy?
  8. i like the white spy, but the honey is the best practical color, IMO. and i'm not a huge fan of the stam :-/
  9. My chalk patent stam has a white canvas lining! The reaon for the canvas lining was to lighten the bag for summer.

    Don't you love the bag! It's so gorgeous!!!
  10. Here is a picture on a previous post with the Honey Spy. I think it's gorgeous:

    I have the new spring 2006 stam in Black. It's the suede lining. But it's also the calf skin, not patent. The SA at MJ told me the other patent colors (chalk, and cola) were canvas. Hope that helps!