Stalking UK edition

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  2. I originally started the What are you Stalking thread to chit chat and pass the time as we stalked. But you ladies have turned it into so much more. Some have mentioned it would be good to have a separate thread to stalk the UK inventory. So here you go. :hugs:Stalk away.
  3. Very good idea :tup:
  4. Thanks for this, will be very helpful indeed :smile:
  5. Isn't the UK same as EU inventory?
  6. Such a good idea lol
  7. I don’t live near a LV store so I can’t buy the multi pochette in store on Friday. Does anyone know when it’ll come online?
  8. Will I ever find a mini PA online in the UK ??!
  9. I managed to snag a mono mini PA last Thursday, around 9.30pm! Not 100% on keeping it, since I already own the Christmas animation one. Wish it was DE instead!
  10. Really??! That's awesome. Good to know there is some hope! Thanks for sharing that.
  11. You’re welcome, good luck stalking!
  12. I’m after the nano speedy, I hope it comes up online as I doubt the stores will have it. Seems like they hardly get delivery of this item.
  13. Stores have been getting this quite recent last few wks. Do u live in london? I work close to an lv - i shall let post here if i see it available anywhere.
  14. Oh my gosh, yes please! That would be so helpful, I am based in London too but have no LVs nearby. Did you see any in store? :smile:
  15. Ah there are none anywhere today but i’ll keep a look out each day im there and let you know :smile: