Stalking the mailman

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  1. Hello and good day ladies,

    It's such a pleasure to be around so many bag lovers :heart:.

    Please let me know if I'm alone on this one (which I highly doubt), but do any of you know your mailman's delivery schedule? It's like Christmas when you're expecting a new bag LOL! I schedule my lunch break around my neighborhood delivery time. I need therapy :sad:.

    I think I need a tent and sleeping bag to camp outside the post office...

    Today the post office called me (yes...they have my contact info for my packages LOL). My newest bag should be arriving today. It's a barrel bag..I'll post pics as soon as I get it :nuts: :yahoo: :yes: :tup:.
  2. Congrats! I loved my barrel bag!!
  3. Thank you, Merika :P. It's so user friendly, and perfect for an everyday or weekend bag.

    The mailman mounted my vestibule just like clock work LOL! I think I scared him when I opened the door LOL!!!!

  4. pretty!!
  5. hehe! I understand!
    As for my postman - I love him! he knows where to put anything if I am not home... or awake when he delivers... I work midnights.. so I "should" be asleep when he delivers.. and he is pretty consistant with his timing!
  6. That's a sweet deal! That's very nice of him to take those 'extra' steps for you:yes:.
  7. Thank you!!! :heart: I love it so far :yahoo:
  8. Congrats! Cute bag. I think many of us on the pf are familiar with our postal carriers schedules as well as fedex and ups. Also familiar with the same set of schedules at our jobs lol.
  9. Hehehe...I think my next boyfriend will be a post man...for obvious reasons LOL!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Cute bag. Love the shape of barrels. Love the bright colorful Dooney patterns. Someday.

    I have to batten down the hatches when I expect a package. DOGS! They are kept in the back bedroom if nobody is conscious and front and back doors closed if anybody is up. They yell like mad and run right into the hall so we can close the door when the doorbell rings though. Have explained many times we don't need their help to know there is somebody at the door but it is not sinking into their pea brains.
  12. Yep, I know the USPS and UPS delvery guys schedules by heart! the UPS guys even brings my packages to me if I am not at home (I'm usually helping my best friend get up and dressed, she;s in a wheelchair).

    That's a cute bag, congrats!
  13. Congrats!
  14. HAHA I am 100% in touch w/ that emotion...I both love and hate waiting on the packages to arrive!