Stalking the mail carrier/UPS?

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  1. I am! I'm waiting on this vintage beauty to arrive:

    Buckle Zip Top Circa 1994

    I'd love to see what everyone else is waiting for!
  2. Two pairs of wedge sandals. One black and the other white......they are too cute!
  3. I'm waiting for a small flo satchel in oyster from Ebay, some bras from VS and a lipstick from MAC!! I just realized how totally girly and awesome all the packages I ordered are! :tender::girlsigh:
  4. I'm waiting for a new black leather daytimer agenda and a pack of 10 check registers from Amazon. Ok, everyone can stop laughing now. Lol :smile:
  5. I'm waiting on my purse organizer from eBay.
  6. I'm waiting on guitar strings and vitamins, lol. No bags for a while, or hubby might kill me, haha.
  7. #7 Apr 25, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2014
    Was waiting for a Zip Flag foldover in chesnut but got delivered yesterday. So now, just waiting for some WEN in Lavender I ordered last week.

    Here's my bag.

    Attached Files:

  8. Waiting for some lingerie to be delivered today :smile: An on knitting needles for my mom :smile:
  9. Love this bag but always thought it was heavy. Have you carried her yet? If so, is she really heavy?
  10. Now I am waiting for my dillen small satchel in bone!! I gave in and got it 25% off on the Dooney site. I have been wanting an off white or parchment bag for so long and I think this will be perfect!

  11. No, I haven't carried it yet. She didn't feel really heavy to me.
  12. Waiting for 2 wallets (Fossil)
  13. I can finally say I'm waiting for my small taupe florentine satchel!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
    I'm so excited. I can't wait to see what she looks like.
  14. Oh you found one???????? You lucky Duck you. I want a taupe as well. :sad: I didn't get to go to the outlet today. Hopefully tomorrow.
  15. Yay!!!! :smile: I'm excited for you. I know you're going to love it!