stalking someone to look at their handbag

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  1. I swear handbags look best when seen IRL carried by someone (probably helps if the woman is attractive). Yesterday shopping at Costco I spotted a lovely Asian woman with a great looking Prada bag. I think it was a Gauffre in Cera - a lovely light color with gold hardware. Unfortunately she was in line waiting to pay the next line over from me so I had time to stare but not get close enough to get a better look.

    This made me want one of these bags and I also had a moment of regret for selling a similar looking bag (not Prada but very close in shape and color).

    Did you ever want to follow a woman and ask her about her bag or compliment her on it?
  2. I spotted a woman with a Louis Vuitton Galliera. I complemented her on it and she treated me like I was a purse snatcher!
  3. You never know how people will react. I'd always appreciate a compliment but some people just aren't very friendly.

  4. All the time ;) I'm always stalking people's bags and boots :upsidedown:

    I'm a bit late with my bag addiction, in a way. Apologies for getting a bit OT here, but I'm not allowed to start a new thread yet...

    I'm totally addicted to Prada cervo antik range of bags, and obviously the colours I want are now nowhere to be found... well, maybe eBay and sometimes consignment shops but... that doesn't help as I want to find them now :P Would anybody happen to know if it is possible to see e.g. the cervo antik range somewhere, I mean bags that were in the shops a few years ago/past lines? It'd be great to know what they were called so that I might have more luck in finding some :sad:

    But back to the original topic, I'm always tempted to comment on bags, but afraid I'd be getting a few looks :P
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    I stalked (stared) a woman carrying a LV that I particularly didn't care for. She looked great rockin' that bag so I was looking at her and that bag for awhile. Now I really want that bag that I thought I didn't like. Go figure.
  6. I wouldn't follow but I would probably stare and if she is close enough, I would compliment her and ask where she got the bag if I really really like it

    sometimes I get compliments on my stuff and I'm actually happy
    but one time there was this guy coming up to me and I thought he was gonna snatch my hat (he was asking where I got my hat from and before that a few guys stared at my hat too so I felt uneasy)
  7. You should be able to get the info you want on the Prada subforum here.

  8. Gawking at other women's bags is how I found out about certain lines that weren't on my radar.
  9. I can't help looking at bags anyway. I remember asking a lady about hers. I loved the design but had no idea what brand it was....So I simply asked her. She was very flattered, told me it was a Miu Miu....
    I thing it depends on the person you are looking at...If the woman seems friendly...I just ask her....if she doesn't....I daren't of course!
  10. It's not just bags. I want to see shoes also! I guess I am an avid people watcher!!!
  11. I dont mind people staring hard but I had a woman follow me for THREE WHOLE BLOCKS before she approached me to ask about my bag. She wasnt dangerous or anything and I was very kind to her bc she really needed advice but it still gave me the willies that she followed me for three blocks and I wasnt aware of it.
  12. lol you have sunk just as deep as I, sister! I'm always hesitant to directly approach people and compliment them, unless they look personable.
  13. Wow, that is overdoing it. If she was that determined why not just approach you on the first block?
  14. Guilty as charged.
  15. Yes I have...she was carrying a black Bayswater in the SF J. Crew. She was very stylish and I'd never seen the Bayswater in the wild. I never bought one but it did look great. :smile: