Stalking EU edition

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  1. This thread is for all of you stalking the EU website :biggrin:
    Please ONLY post items you're stalking or items that have popped up!
  2. I am currently stalking the favorite mm mono, PM mono/reverse and PSM mono :smile:
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  3. I am stalking the mini pochette and the favorite mm both in damier ebene and mono for months.... more then 10 times a day and even during the night, when I cannot sleep but no luck at all....
  4. I found the mini pochette mono this month on the12th at 12.50 pm CET and the 16th at about 10.05 pm, and the DE on the 11th at 11.40 pm. So they are out there :biggrin:
    I saw the favourite mm DE a couple of times in mid november, but haven't really being stalking it, as I bought one preloved. The mono version I have yet to see!
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  5. That's very interesting! Thanks a lot for your information:smile:
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  6. It's great to hear this! I'm looking for a mini pochette DE, your experience gives me hope!
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  7. Has anyone seen the mono zippy coin purse available recently please? Xx
  8. Nano speedy ATB!
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  9. IT is in stock right now!
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  10. Alma bb mono ATB
  11. Thankyou. I’ve just ordered xx
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  12. Kirigami mono ATB
  13. Has anyone seen any HTF items in the last week? It seems there is still stock coming in on the US website but I haven't seen anything on the EU website.
  14. Nope :doh: I'm still stalking the site, but nothing seems to have been restocked in the past week - Nano Speedy was in stock this past Friday but that has been it. When it comes to the holiday collection I've only seen the Courchevel victorine wallet being ATB.
  15. I’m stalking the mini pochette accessoires, in mono and de. Also stalking favorite mm and pochette mètis in mono. I’ve been updating the website like crazy for the past week, haven’t seen any HTF items except for Alma bb (it’s a htf one right? Quite new to this sorry).