stains on vintage leather

  1. hi everyone! after being introduced to this forum, i have recently become obsessed with the coach legacy ali in white. while the $498 price tag is a little over my budget for now, i found one on eBay for a very good deal. the only thing stopping me now is that there are blue stains on the back of the bag, possibly from a jean jacket in the rain? not sure, and the seller can't tell me either. i'm pretty sure the bag is authentic, so the only question that i have is if these stains can be removed. the seller claims that the bag "has been lovingly used and does have some normal signs of wear along with a series of faded blue marks on the back bottom corner, not noticible to anyone when wearing it!" and also to use mild soapy water when cleaning.

    i've attached pictures below:


    i've done a few searches to see if anyone else has had this problem before, but came up with nothing. any help at all will be very much appreciated!

    thank you! :heart:
  2. Hi Stinabina.

    I saw this same bag on eBay and was deterred b/c of the stains. I don't own a Legacy piece in white, so I'm not sure if they'll come out. I would say probably not...if so, then why would the seller not have tried to remove them? I see that the BIN price is $345. I don't know what you want to spend, but yesterday a new white Ali with tags went for $353 on eBay (I was watching it).

    Coach is having a Preferred Customer Event in a few weeks, and they offer 25% off. If you don't get a coupon in the mail, then you can buy one off ebay for $15 or so...sometimes less. That's what I did last time.
  3. They won't come out, I don't believe. That's why I am against the white bags. Now if you figure your bag is going to get dirty sooner or later, than it's fine.
  4. I own the hippie in white, and had blue stains from possibly my jeans. First I used a plain white eraser to get rid of the big stains. It worked pretty well, then to clean up the whole back, I used the Coach leather cleaner. My hippie still looks great, hope this helps.
  5. Do not use soap on the leather! It will dry it out. Also, do not use cleaner either because it WILL take off the finish. We had a display bag someone ruined with a pen and we tested out cleaner and it left a horrible mark.
  6. i was actually bidding on that one yesterday! i was shooting myself because i couldn't get to a computer in time for the end of the auction :sad:

    thanks to those who gave inputs! im glad everyone here is so helpful. :heart:
  7. I just bought a legacy in white, and the SA was VERY specific to NOT use cleaner or soap on this leather. She said that it is very easily discolored, and with time even sweat from hands will discolor the leather. Once a stain is in, she said that it will not come out. I bought my legacy at the outlet- it was $490 or so at Nordstrom's that week, the outlet price was about $275 then 20% off of that. If I were you I'd call around to outlets or make a trip- you'll probably find a great buy!