Stainless or 2-tone Diamond Rolex??


Which Rolex should I get?

  1. 18K White Gold & Stainless Diamond Dial Rolex w/ Mother Of Pearl Face

  2. Stainless & 18K Yellow Gold 2-Tone Diamond Dial Rolex w/White Face

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  1. I have narrowed it down to the 18K white gold and stainless diamond Rolex with MOP face and the 2-tone diamond Rolex with white face.

    Which one would should I get??

    I am 25 and this is my first big watch purchase to have for many years that I will be wearing everyday. My jewelry is sterling David Yurman with yellow gold accents on my right and and on my left hand I wear and all white gold or sterling ring. My diamond stud earrings are set in white gold.

    Do you think one is more classic in the long term then the other?

    I am purchasing one this Sat. so please give me your opinions!!

    here are some pics I found of each watch..
    picture[1].jpg 9d18_2[1].jpg 47062[1].jpg
  2. I vote the stainless steel and white gold, with the MOP face it looks sporty and classic - gorgeous! Please post pics when you get it:tup:

    It's great to know there are other 25 year old ladies who are making serious watch purchases! I bought my first Cartier this year, it seemed like it was time to get a grown-up watch, kwim?
  3. Vote! Vote! LOL
  4. I am looking at my first Rolex too. My eldest is your age,so I am old enough to be your Mom! I might not be thinking like a 25 year old, so keep that in mind. I just feel like the two-tone watch is "older"looking IMO. I love the Stainless steel/ whitegold combination. I love the mop too. I am looking at almost the same watch but I think I am going to go with the concentric dial in silver with silver arabic numbers. Rolex offers so many choices!!!! Good luck with your decision!!!!!
  5. I agree that the 2 tone is "older" looking, This is watch that I will be wearing for a long time(a big investment lol) so I am wondering if I might prefer the 2-tone in the long run...My mom prefers the 2-tone...

    My watch right now is 2-tone but the bezel is white gold and it only has 2 small lines of yellow gold in the band.

    I would prefer the 2 tone Rolex bezel to be white instead of yellow(Rolex doesnt make that), right now I feel its a little too much yellow gold...but the metal that is more popular changes over time...My feeling is that the all white may be more sleek looking? the 2-tone is slightly more traditional Rolex though...

    OK I need some more opinions please!!!:confused1:
  6. My random thoughts sort of go many ways on this topic. Im almost 40 and have seen all the colored metals go in and out of fashion. Depending on what cycle you are in really determines your preference at the time. Im currently into white gold and did the big change over over the last few years. However, lately I have to stop myself from going back to yellow, but pieces have a way of creeping back in slowly and sneakily!!!!eg. bag hardware, shoes, dress details etc.

    I think over ones life, fashion will go against what you own and back to it a few times. Its the way thing are. However, I think things are more fluid these days with many looks being acceptable. The rules arent so rigid anymore.

    I agree with the thought that the two tone looks older, and more so with the gold rim. I sort of like a watch to be one or the other, two tone feels washy to me....also Ive done that and prefer to chooce a `side`. LOL

    I personally find white gold to be easier on the eye, although that could be fashion talking, as we have had a huge white gold run here. (Yellow is making a comeback).

    I think out of the two the white gold one would be my choice, but I would love to compare it with the white face which is plainer.
  7. I love the one with MOP face. More character IMO. Rolex gold does not really do it for me - I don't know why exactly. I find MOP more classic than white face.
  8. In the long run, I think the 2-tone one would be your best choice.
  9. Thanks ladies!
  10. Please keep up the voting ladies, I'm trying to decide by TOMMORROW!!!
  11. i dont necessarily think that two-tone is older looking as a rule, but for that particular watch id have to agree. i think the white is just all around better looking
  12. I like the look of the plain white gold better. HOWEVER, since your jewelry is yellow and white, I would go with the two tone. You might end up being more into yellow gold in the future. The two-tone is very classic and it will match everything. A Rolex is an investment, so I wouldn't be too worried about what's trendy or "in" right now...
  13. I prefer the two-tone. I have almost the same Rolex, with the same bezel and diamond markers, except that mine has the gold anniversary dial instead of the white one. I love mine, I find it very versatile, can wear it with any of my jewelry and feel like it's very easy to dress it up and down. It's really a classic Rolex look and you can't go wrong with it. The white gold is nice, too, but I don't find it as appealing as the two-tone.

    Silver/white gold was really popular through the nineties but now I think there's a balance back of both metal colors. I never have trouble picking up a pair of 18K hoops or purchasing bags with gold or brass hardware.
  14. I have gone from the two-tone to the all SS with the MOP face. It's more elegant, to me. I grew tired of the two-tone look. I also changed my wedding set to white metal, so the new watch does look better with it now.
  15. Two tone. So you can wear it with gold AND silver jewlery.