Stained suede rogue


Dec 4, 2018
Hi so my mom got a rogue 25 for Christmas and a unfortunate accident out for dinner a sauce spilled on the Suede interior. She is so sad and called cs for help they said to send it in. has anyone had anything like this happening are they able to fix or how do they handle it. That would be a shame one sauce would reck it but it seamed to affect the suede and she is so bummed and had been just coveting that bag sence she got it only had it a short time hardly using it and she is so sad only haveing it a couple weeks do they usually fix it or if they cant would they replace interested to here people experiences thanks


Apr 26, 2015
They’ll contact her with a price for the repair after they assess it in person. Or they’ll let her know that it can’t be repaired if that’s the case. Unless it is an extremely easy fix and they’re feeling generous, it won’t be free, and they won’t replace it at no charge.