Stained my Azur Speedy handles!

  1. Argh, was feeling cold yesterday and I had my black shawl on the whole day. At the end of the day, I saw that the handles of my azur speedy has some black "stained" like look. Was wondering if it's due to my shawl.

    I cleaned it with babywipes but didn't come off this morning when I looked at it again. Sobs!
  2. You might have to do it a few times,. I had the same issue with my Lockit H and rubbed on my jacket,.
  3. You could try Lysol wipes, it's similar to baby wipes but cleans out stains more effectively w/out being too harsh.
  4. Try mr.clean magic eraser, I just posted before and after pics in the epi thread. I hope it comes out :smile:
  5. Wow Twinkle! I can't believe the pics...anyway my "stain" is similar to those pics. Where can I get this mr clean eraser? Is it like a stick eraser?
  6. wow I am so sorry. Mr. clean erasers I get at target.
  7. It's in the aisle with all the household cleaners. It's shaped like a little sponge. Good luck!
  8. sorry to hear about that !!!!! hope you get it out !!
  9. I hope you get the stain out.
  10. Not sure if you are in the UK. If you are, JML sell their own brand of magic eraser. I bought the US version from eBay before realising JML sell the same thing. You can find details on their web site.


  11. Oh no! Hope you get the stain out! Good luck!
  12. Good luck on getting the stain out!!
  13. Definitely try using a white eraser! I got serious staining from the blue dye of my new pair of jeans onto the backstrap of my manhattan GM, and all I did was rub a few times (very gently!) with an eraser to get it all off. Good luck!
  14. Yeah, try the magic easer as it works great on the vachetta, but remember to put conditioner afterwards~