Stained Coach Purse :(

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  1. I have a coach tote with the signature design on light brown fabric. I was wearing my new jeans and the blue from my jeans got stained to the bag!! Does anyone know how to clean that? Also are there any protective spray that I can spray the fabric on next time when I first got my bag so this won’t happen again?

    Thanks so much!! I really wanna get that stain's my fav bag!!
  2. i would call COACH in jax and ask them what they think...sorry to hear about it...
  3. I was looking at buying the flax peyton and i mentioned to the SA that I was worried about it getting stained. He showed me a clothspray cleaner from the coach line that could remove practically anything (his words) even pen he said. Maybe you could take the purse to your coach store and ask?
  4. Coach cleaner for signature items should remove it. It happens all the time with my tan jacquard siggy bag but it's coming from my wool dark blue coat. I have removed the transfer from it many many times and it works well. I also have a siggy wallet and not sure how it got transfer too(probably was holding it against something) and it removed it from that as well.
  5. That is not a stain it is a Color transfer if the color of your jeans got on your bag... that is super hard to take of.. I have tried alcohol on a Q-tip.. Coach can not do anything for color transferes or stains...

    I am so sorry I have been there and it is really hard.. You should go to Coach anyways and try..
  6. :sad:

    well thanks for all the advice...
  7. Yes, Coach Addict is right. Color transfer is really common when you're talking dark jeans rubbing against a light purse, leather or cloth, it doesn't matter.

    There is very, very little you can do. Maybe google "removing color transfer from fabric" and see...but because you don't compromise the integrity of the bag. You could possibly do more harm then good...
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    First and foremost wash your jeans and put them in the dryer so the dye in the jeans sets. Might do it a couple of times to make sure. Definitely wash them alone as well.

    For the purse I would try TEST dabbing the dye stain with a Q-tip and COLD water and see if it lessens the spot. Let it dry completely and if the test area looks fine I would than treat the entire stain. If it works than I would use a washcloth and COLD water to remove the stain from the fabric with a dabbing motion as opposed to a rubbing motion. The rubbing will just stress/fuzz the fabric finish. Dabbing will create an pulling/wicking effect on the dye.
  9. another way to stop jeans or anything that bleeds in the wash, is to add a cup of vinegar to the wash.
  10. Same thing happened to me with a red ****. Use unscented baby wipes. It got all the stain off.
  11. Soap and water has removed jeans dye from some of mine as well as the signature cleaner. Just don't wait to long to clean it.
  12. This doesn't necessarily set them.... I was doing a load of jeans (none of them new or even close to new) and missed a white sock.... Let's just say it's not white anymore! Lol, now I can understand why my bf is so particular about the jeans being washed alone.

    This is true! Vinegar also helps remove just about any smell.

    GL OP, sorry this happened to your bag :sad:
  13. Baby wipes -- blot, don't rub -- have worked well on my light-colored sig bag.
  14. I'm so sorry that happened! I don't know if this will work, but you might try a little bit of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover on a Q-tip and see if that works. I've never tried it on color transfer or a signature bag, but it removed a grease stain (think car repair shop black grease) from the lining of my Kristin hobo when nothing else did anything at all. I got the cleaner at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I'm sure it's sold other places as well.