Stained Bag, claimed it was flash

  1. Well stupid me should have believed my eyes and not the seller. My sister asked me to bid on a bag for her (she has no eBay acct) I said well it looks stained and she said, the seller says it is the flash and a note from seller says it is the flash not a stain. Fast forward to today. The bag is just like the pic rusty/orangy stains.
    I wrote seller asking for refund, I said the pics were TRUE and the bag was not as she said.
    Now....I have 175 positive she has 6. If she doesn't refund the bag do I neg her? I am just so dissapointed. After 6 years of selling I have never had anyone dupe me like this. That is what I get for not following my gut I guess. Oh she also sent it UPS which is fine, but no packing material at all. Very sad.
  2. Do you have proof of the seller's response in your eBay messages file? If so, I would file an SNAD.
  3. I would neg her, she blatantly lied, others buyers really need to know this. I would also file a SNAD and send it bag sig confirmation.

    Good luck!

  4. if you do a SNAD dispute and you paid via paypal dont' they make the seller refund you ??
  5. Yes, definitely file a SNAD dispute with Paypal. :yes:

    You really should neg her, as well. As eBay, themselves, say:

    'If you feel negative Feedback is appropriate, you should leave it. Your comment may help prevent another member from experiencing the same situation.'
  6. I would file the claim with Paypal first and then neg her after the dispute is resolved.
  7. Thanks everyone.......
  8. And if you paid with a charge card notify your credit card company. What a rotten seller. Really a shame since there are so many great ones.