1. Ok i need help! I wore my BRAND NEW!!! Tutti BV yesterday, and my bf and I were playing games in the Target parking lot, and like my bag rubbed against a dirty car! I managed to get some of the dust off, but theres something on there now! How can I take it off?! Tide to go?!?! Magic eraser?!

    Its on the front too! I need it off by wednesday!
  2. I say Magic Eraser that bad boy!!
  3. and if that doesn't work, oxyclean! :biggrin:
  4. Or a Tide Pen!
  5. This gets my vote too!!! ;) Good luck!
  6. Yeah, I've used the Tide Pen, Oxyclean spray, and the Magic Eraser and I've found the Magic Eraser works best!! The Tide Pen and Oxyclean are also messier in the sense that it dilutes the stain and spreads it a bit before working to get it out... The Magic Eraser kind of just gets the stain out right away.
  7. I've only ever tried the Magic Eraser and I :heart: it. It really is magic!!

    My tutti zucca came w/a stain in the fabric and it was all wrapped in plastic so I guess it swept up the floor in the factory or something...whateves...I :heart: buying a $184 purse w/a stain already on it! :nuts:
  8. Where do you guys get that magic eraser? I've tried target. Lol. But they only have "bleach pen" ._.
  9. You can get them at grocery stores~
  10. My grocery store carries them...they come in a small cardboard box, Mr. Clean brand, and I usually see them on the top shelf of the household cleaner aisle.

  11. w00t! Thanks guys, I'll check it out later. My Tutti Zucca got all... blackish =[
  12. Target should also have it...ours's in the household cleaning supply aisle
  13. Whathell is on your zucca?!
  14. It's just the lines. I guess my clothes get rubbed off on the bag or something. It's nothing like.. drastic. Lol.

    Hrm, I'll try looking more or something. Maybe they just ran out.
  15. Am I the only one who doesn't think the magic eraser doesn't work? It doesn't foam up or anything, and I scrub really hard but it seems like it gets off the same amount as it would if I used a dishcloth... ?