stain-poofing uggs

  1. Does anyone spray their uggs with a leather treatment to keep the suede from getting water stains?? if so, what's a good spray to use?? I bought some cheap stuff from payless recently to use on another pair of shoes and it totally didn't work. My shoes have a ton of water spots now :sad: But now that i just ordered a pair of uggs I def. want something to keep them nice.
  2. I'm not sure you have to water proof them. I haven't had a problem with them staining and I have the lightest color tan. I suppose it wouldn't hurt them though.
  3. I use Wilson's suede and leather protector. When I bought mine the SA suggested that I treat them with a protectant that would protect against water. I had just bought the Wilson's so I skipped buying the UGG protectant.
  4. UGGS has their own protectant and I heard it works well
  5. I own both the shampoo and the spray. The shampoo works fine to get stains off my uggs. The protective spray works alright. I spray my boots fairly often and it doesn't seem to keep any stains I get from the salt whenever I walk through snow.
  6. I use the ugg spray.
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