Stain on my white caviar jumbo

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  1. Need help, my jeans stained on my white caviar jumbo, just the back pocket area. Can anyone help me, what do I do? I don't have any stain remover, can anyone suggest a good brand? Is there any quick fix solution?
  2. bring it back to Chanel boutique to have it refurbished. It takes a while to get it back. But they do such a wonderful job on cleaning the bag. It will come back like new. Do not mess with it yourself. I learned my lesson the hard way.
  3. I had little stains from my new cloth on my white cavier as well. it was the first time I wore the bag too. I tried wiping the stains with baby wipes as many tpfers have suggested but it didn't help removing the stain. Then I tried rubbing it gently with pencil eraser as I used to do with my lv's vachetta. Then it worked! the stains were completely gone.

    However, the stains were very small and were only at the corner of my bag. If you are not sure you could do it yourself, you should take it back to Chanel so they can clean it for you.

    Good luck
  4. I normally use Melamine Sponge sold in Japanese supermarket to remove stains on white leather. Good luck!
  5. And you have to wet the sponge a lil before rubbing it onto the leather :smile:
  6. Baby wipes helped me out with this mess everytime it stains my white caviar. I use it once I notice a stain. It works very well. Stain free everytime I use it.
  7. I have use (Mr clean eraser) and it worked on my lamd skin orange purse.I got the tip from the Hermes side its a risk but It worked for me. Good luck. PS small soft circles like your buffing on shine.
  8. Wet wipes help! Awesome!