Stain On Bottom Of Mono Alma

  1. I posted this in the reference library section but no one responded :sad: so here goes....
    My mono alma which is only about 2 months old, has some dirt (it appears to be dark) on the bottom on the vachetta on the edges. I'm not sure how it got dirty since I'm very careful about laying it down anywhere but alas it got soiled somehow:tdown:. I know about the baby wipes and the magic eraser (yes - I did look in the FAQ for cleaning) but since the vachetta is still new and pale is it safe to use these products on my Alma? I would post a pic but I don't know how (yes, I'm computer challenged:nuts:). Any recommendations would be appreciated:smile:.
    Oh - another thing - the vachetta also has what appears to be a water stain the size of a quarter (this probablly happened when I placed it on my bathroom counter).

  2. I have to say, this is why I sold both of my MC alma's. I don't like to have to worry about that much leather! If you use a really soft white cloth oyu may be able to rub some of it off.... I would try it dry.
  3. I used saddle soap on the bottom of my alma to blend water stains. It does darken the vachetta, but this is what LV recommended to me a long, long time they won't recommend anything.
  4. I have the mono Alma and all 4 corners of the vachetta appear "dirty". It is a few years old but I rarely use it and the vachetta is still very light. I did use a regular eraser on it (not a mr. clean one) and baby wipes and it did seem to help. It didn't ruin the vachetta but it also did not completely remove the "dirt".
  5. I would try to use the Mr.Clean.
  6. Yeah I think the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might work. You can find some threads on it here.
  7. Thx guys,

    I guess i'll try a white cloth dry and if that doesn't work then I'll use the mr clean eraser.

    I knew it would eventually get dirty but I was hoping later then sooner!!

    Again, thx for the replies:smile:
  8. I use an impregnating agent (Spray) every 3 or 4 weeks for the bottom of my Alma. Before I use it, I treat it with a colourless leather care product. My Alma hasn't any dirt corners, but I'm really very careful too.
  9. My Dooney Alto tag recommended rubbing the marks with the flannel dustbag. That does a remarkable job of filling in little scratches on the dyed vachetta. I also used saddle soap on my vintage Alma and was amazed at the disappearance of all the minor water marks. Now I need to be brave and tackle the one long black mark...................
  10. I recommend that you be very careful when using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It can damage and dry out the leather if you scrub too hard. I encountered this problem when trying to clean my batignolles horizontal. Maybe you should test a small, inconspicuous area first.
  11. Thx for all the tips!!! If I do end up using the eraser i will test spot a small area 1st. I will try the dust bag idea and the saddle soap!!

    What a great forum!!! You guys are so helpful!!