Stain on bag--help!

  1. Hi everyone: I just made what was probably a big mistake. I wore my straw colored Kooba Natasha with dark jeans and got some blue marks on the back of the bag. So I got the Mr. Clean magic eraser and tried using that and unfortunately it left a water-type mark that is worse than the original stain! Fortunately it is not in a very conspicuous place but I would still like to try to remedy the situation if possible. Any suggestions? Perhaps I should just take it to a leather repair/ shoe repair type of place.

  2. where does it say she reconditioned it and it worked wonders? all i hear in that thread is someone complaining about how awful koobas are after they used some leather product on it,,, not saying you shouldnt be able to use a leather product on leather but i dont hear anything in that thread about anything turning out well

    i just hear someone saying koobas are crap , which to me is crap :smile:
  3. March yourself down to the best leather repair/shoe shop in your town. Usually the wealthiest part of town has the best shoe shop, go there as he is used to seeing expensive bags.

    Ask his advice.
  4. That sounds like good advice. Fortunately, it's on a relatively inconspicuous part of the bag, but still, very annoying. I'm annoyed with myself because I actually made the original problem worse.
  5. I did that too Amelia on a Botkier. Spilled coffee on it so I washed it off and used saddle soap on it. I had a big mess. I had to send it to Lovinmybags to get it reconditioned to the tune of 125.00.
    I did buy Balenciaga cleaner from Barbara at LMB and I used it on alot of my bags and it works well. Barbara also told me that Woolite can be used in some cases. You could try some woolite on a hidden spot and if it works, try it on the stain. I think Maggie had a Cream Sienna that got blue jean stain on it. She'll be back from Singapore soon and maybe she can help.
  6. Hi Amelia (love your name:smile:), I walked around in the heat with a black t-shirt rubbing on my Ivory Sienna last year, (the stupidity of it..) and the whole lower part of my bag was stained...nearly cried..this was before I knew anything about Koobas (still don't know much..)

    Got some leather cleaner in a shoe shop in I don't know how well other products work, but this really cleaned up my bag. It was called Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care, but I'm sure other products work just as well (maybe better)..What you have to go careful with is the rubbing, the leather is delicate (I got a bit carried away..) Just put some on a soft cloth and rub gently. I'm sure the Wilson products or Appleguard work the same way, good luck:smile:
  7. Oh dear! I posted the wrong thread!!! There must have been 2 separate threads... one that discussed the disaster, and one where she revealed the reconditioning. I specifically remember the before and after pics on this one, they really did look great.

    For anyone who read through that thread hoping for reconditioning advice, sorry for wasting your time. I'll see if I can find the thread I meant to post.
  8. Hmm, I'll try some leather cleaner, maybe Wilson's since it's relatively inconspicuous. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  9. Hi i am new here. i have had an Ada woven handbag purchased fro JC Madison for 6 months now. The edges on the handles are beginning to crack and peel is this normal.

  10. Happened to my Sienna as well, bit disappointed with that...
  11. Yes, the paint on the edges of the handles does tend to crack after the bag gets significant use. A result of the leather being soft and pliable...