stain on a loved bag! help!

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  1. calling all TPFers, i once again need your great help to solve my most updated dilemma :sad: last week i found a Marzia bag at TJ Maxx, and i bought it instantly. i was wearing it today for the 2nd time and somehow, while I was eating my chocolate cannoli, the chocolate mousse got smudged onto the handle! :crybaby: The bag is made of a really really soft, washed leather and i couldn't smudge any of the mousse off with my fingers. my bf told me to try to use hand-sanitizer to try to get rid of it, and since i was so desparate i put a small dot of it on the stain. It got some of the mousse off, but then it left a stain of its own :hysteric:

    Now, can someone please tell me what i can do to get rid of the stains from both the chocolate mousse and the sanitizer?? also, this made me really wonder if i should spray those leather protectors, which i heard are not good for some leathers :sad: . I got it for about $130, which is considered cheap to many, but today i learned that when one loves a bag one loves it no matter what it costs! I don't know what to do, please help me!!!
  2. UH... OH... hand sanitizer is practically alcohol...:sad: no good on leather...
    try to wipe it with baby wipes with aloe and if it still doesn't work...
    maybe you could try Lexol leather cleaner its available on line or on ebay.
    Hope this could help...:flowers:
  3. Oh dear, sorry this happened to you! :sad:

    Maybe you should take it to an expert? :shrugs:
  4. Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags has a leather cleaner. I haven't used it before but I have used some of their other products and they've worked pretty well.
  5. I agree - has the BEST cleaner! I know - I've used it on my Koobas and it has removed water stains very very well. Very pleased with their products. Plus they have a really helpful customer service email. They get back to you with questions right away.:idea:
  6. coach lether cleaner and conditioner works well for me.
  7. does anyone know how well the kenneth cole leather cleaner/ protectant works?
  8. Don't use sanitizer! Try to blot the mousse off as best you can, then use cornstarch to remove the remaining oil stain. I got that trick from board member lovinleather, who also initially recommended I got a curry stain on my bag before and the cornstarch worked. It needs patience though. I applied and re-applied it like 20 times I think, over a period of 2 days.

  9. Thanks for this info!!!
  10. i had a gut feeling that sanitizer wouldn't do it any good, but i didn't listen to myself :s Would leather cleaner take out that sanitizer stain too?
  11. i would try cetaphil skin cleanser or the`walmart equivilent (equate skin cleanser). it gently cleans skin and i think it might clean the bag also. i would just gently rub it in and if there is excess wipe it off using no water. i hope this helps.
  12. Has anyone sent their bag to Lovin My Bags and has it gone well? I am thinking about sending in my Botkier that had a coffee accident and after trying to clean it is all darkened and uneven looking. For 65 dollars I would consider it.
  13. I called Lovin my Bags and am making arrangements to have it restored. Barb at the company was so nice and very helpful over the phone and assured me the bag couold be restored to it's original color and lustre, all stains removed and then protected so that from then on all liquids (including coffee!) will just roll off while still keeping the leather looking and feeling natural. I'll let you know how things work out.
  14. oh wow, and all that costs 65 bucks?
  15. Originally when looking at my problem and the cost chart, I figured around 65 but then she told me of the new product that is not sold and can only be done by them that allows the repelling of liquids. It's 35.00 and I definitely want it with my history.
    I am so unhappy with the look of my brand new bag and I am willing to pay the under 100 dollar fee. Otherwise, I just lost 425 for the bag because to me it just looks a mess. I keep all my bags so well, maybe I am just overly picky, but this would assure me the bag can stay looking good despite my mishaps.
    It's an easy arrangement. Just email her, she sends a form to include with your bag. Send it. They keep you updated and email and invoice you when it's done. When you pay (and you can use Paypal!) they send it back. She said probably 2 weeks for all of it. She says Balenciagas take much longer. They even fix tears and rips and use the exact dyes for the B-Bag colors. I'm impressed so far. Hope my bag comes back looking great. I am shipping it tomorrow. I already have it packed. I should have taken some pics for before and after comparison.