Stain ingrained into leather!

  1. Hello, I have this burberry nova check card holder which I fell in love with at first sight!
    Unfortunately, I left it in my pocket and after a few days, there were stains on the nova check leather.

    I took it to two leather cleaning shop and they both told me that the stain has already "seeped" into the leather and there is nothing they can do about it. Basically the stain is permanent.

    I dont want to give up on it yet so erm does anyone knows how I can clean it?

  2. It may be risky but can't you just dye the whole leather in a darker shade or rub shoe polish over it so it gets darker?
  3. hmmm. i don't really want to risk doing that haha. coz i like the beidge color. in any case, is the damage really irreversible?